About Mobisium

Mobisium is a Content Marketplace.We aggregate content writers across all genres for – Web Developers, Startups, Edtech, Finance, Digital Marketing, Health & Nutrition, Technology, Gaming, Education, Travel, & Entertainment.

Mobisium delivers services across, content , video, full-stack web and mobile application development, web and digital marketing with YouTube and video channel presence in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Mobisium team comprises both experienced and young professionals from top technology (IIT) and business (ISB) school and comprises a creative mix of digital marketers, web developers, video editors, senior corporates and fashion model.

Mobisium’s objective is to enable your business digitally across online platforms such as Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, et al. We enable businesses using latest technologies and tools such as Virtual Reality and Video presence, search engine optimization, open source software such as WordPress and full stack technology development.