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Model Showcasing OPPO ENCO FREE

OPPO Enco Free: The Affordable AirPod Pro!

Oppo recently dropped in its latest pair of wireless earbuds branded as the Oppo Enco Free (I know it reminds of sugar-free). We don’t...

Apple AirPods Pro: Why You Should or Shouldn’t Buy It!

Apple recently rolled out its latest AirPods Pro that looks funny. And the internet can’t stop laughing at the memes people are making comparing...

MIUI 11 – Everything You Need To Know!

Alongside the launch of the much-awaited smartphones the Redmi Note 8 and the Note 8 Pro in India, Xiaomi India also unveiled a...

This Chrome Extension Prevents You From Getting Distracted While Browsing!

Have you ever faced the problem of wasting hours on YouTube or on social media sites when you actually had to browse the net...

Chandrayaan 2: India’s Second Mission To Moon!

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently launched its second mission for lunar exploration, the Chandrayaan 2. Chandrayaan is a Sanskrit word meaning moon-craft....

8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using WhatsApp!

In 2017, WhatsApp announced that its user base has grown to more than a billion active users out of which Indians users...

Is the Huawei Ban Lifted? – All Details!

The world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer seems out of the trouble as the American President has some trade concessions with China...

Weekly Tech RoundUp! #5 (18 June To 23 June)

Hellooooo readers! I know I'm late. And I don't have any excuse for that. I'm sorry. But better late than never. This...

Uplay+: What Every Gamer Needs To Know!

Ubisoft is joining the game subscription bandwagon as many different companies did with it’s all new Uplay+ subscription. What is the Uplay+ subscription? Will...

Weekly Tech RoundUp! #4 (10 June to 17 June)

Hey fellow readers! With this Monday begins a new week. And with the beginning of this new week comes the Weekly...