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Need for Data Protection Laws in India.

Due to the extensive use of information and data, and for almost everyone being constantly connected to the internet, today's 21st century...

You May Need Licence to Fly a Drone in India

Drones are being used in India for quite a while now, but in the past two or three years, there has been...

What is the Right to Privacy and How It Actually Works?

Right to Privacy comes under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, which talks about Right to Life and Liberty. What privacy are we...

Rights of an Employee When Company Goes Bankrupt.

Employees are the most valuable asset of a company. But what happens when the company goes insolvent? What happens to the employees, their jobs...

Should Prisoners be given the Right to Vote?

Right to vote is a right which is given to all the citizens of the country. In India, this right is given to every...

The Last Male Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia Died

The last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has died. Attempts to breed him, with two females one after the other had proven unsuccessful. In...
Fusarium Oxysporum

Science 101: A Gold Digger Fungi!

A fungus species found worldwide amasses particles of gold along the stringy strands that it sends into the soil, researchers claim having discovered. The gold-laden...

Science 101: Spider that pets frogs as their own.

Chiasmocleis ventrimaculata is commonly known as the dotted humming frog. This species is found in the northeastern quadrant of South America ranging Bolivia, Brazil,...

Mind-controlled weaponry: A looming worldwide threat?

DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is a wing of the United States of America's Department of Defense tasked with devising, employing, improvising...

Science 101: Newly Discovered “Black Hot-Ice” Maybe The Worlds Most Common Form Of Water.

Shock-compression had enabled scientists to forge a novel form of water, a black, hot-ice. The elusive, not-so-elusive form of ice is believed to be...