What Are the Top Equity Stock Shares in India Right Now?

The year is about to over, and experts are speculating which stock shares did the best in 2019. As always, the market is very volatile and packed with uncertainties in this year as well. Still, there are some that did okay overall. Now, it is a complicated question of how we can measure the overall success of a stock.

So, we have to keep some perspectives in mind before we can jump into a conclusion. What we have figured is that the one we consider as a good stock typically deliver a decent business to start with. Of course, we have to keep in mind that the unit price of those stocks should be reasonable to the general buyers. So, we are suggesting ten best stock shares that performed well and therefore; we advise you to invest in them.


MOIL is, first of all, a mining company located in Nagpur. Once the largest manufacturer of Manganese, MOIL is among the top 500 companies in India right now. Now, about the performance of the stock in 2019; this small-cap stock is doing excellent now.

You can say the value is reasonable, which is roughly ₹138.55, while the market capital investment is ₹3570.46 crores. So, needless to say, it is one of the top-performing stocks of 2019.

Just Dial

Just Dial is one of the best local search engines in India right now. The company is catering to its wide range of services to almost all the major cities in India. Currently, the company has 12,691 employees who maintain a database of 25.7 million business listings.

If we shift our focus on the stock market performance; the company has a market capital investment of ₹3670.77 crores, while the unit price of its stock is around ₹566. Clearly, this small-cap company is going solid.

Bombay Burmah

Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation is a vintage company established way back in the British Empire in the year 1863. They are primarily a Burmese Tea manufacturing company, which is, as of now, the second oldest publicly quoted company in India.

Moving on to the performance of the stocks this year; this mid-cap company has a market capital investment of ₹7702.12 crores, and the unit price of the stock is ₹1106.4. Now, you can easily speculate on the performance of this one, which is excellent this year.

  1. Hindalco Ind.

Originally, a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group, Hindalco Industries Ltd. is arguably one of the best aluminium and copper manufacturing companies in India right now. With 20,000 active employees, the company has annual sales of 15 billion USD. Now, the performance in the stock market is not bad either.

This large-cap company has a market capital investment of ₹44976.96 crores, and the unit price of the stocks is ₹200.15. So, you can say the price is reasonable, and hence it makes our list.

  1. Oracle Financial

Making our list next is also a subsidiary from the Oracle Corporation is Oracle Financial Services Software Limited. The company claims it has a physical presence in more than 145 countries and has more the 900 active clients.

Now, in the stock market, the company is a gem. With a market capital investment of ₹25184.41 crores, the unit price of its stocks is ₹2931.25. You can argue that the unit price is high, but the reputation and performance speak enough volume for this mid-cap stock.

  1. Star Cement

Star Cement Limited is next on our list. The company is arguably the best cement manufacturing company in northeast India. It has more than 200 hectares of plant area, and over the years it has been a reliable company, which is its name listed on both NSE and BSE.

Yes, it is a small-cap company, which has a market capital investment of ₹3804.66 crores. The stock’s price is their main USP, which is ₹92.1, and because of this, it is one of the beloved stocks in India right now.

  1. Lux Industries

Once known as Biswanath Hosiery Mills, Lux industries is one of the best underwear manufacturing companies in India right now. This Kolkata-based company is a pioneer in their respective domain, and one can say they are a trendsetter as well.

The small-cap company did really well in the stock market this year. It has a market capital investment of ₹3431.25 as of now, while the unit price of the stocks is ₹1355.9. This is a staggering foot considering it is, after all, a small-cap company.

  1. Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi, first and foremost, is a part of Tata Group. It is primarily an Indian technology and designing company located in Bangalore with physical existence in most major cities in India.

They offer tons of techy services with the modern world craves right now. Therefore, their performance in the stock market is supposed to be good. It has a market capital investment of ₹5022.91 crores, while its stock’s unit price is ₹806.95. Whatever they are offering right now has a definite impact on the world right now, and hence, this small-cap company is on our list.

  1. NIIT Tech.

NIIT Technologies Limited is a company that offers IT solutions all over the world. It has an employee base of more than 10,000, catering services all around the world including North & South Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

This mid-cap company has always had something new to offer to the stock market as well. Currently, the market capital investment of NIIT Technologies is ₹9305.26, whereas the unit price of its stocks lurks around ₹1490.95. Anyone who knows about stock trading understands the value of these numbers.

  1. Tech Mahindra3

Tech Mahindra Limited is one of the best IT solution service providers in India right now. A subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, this company has made its own identity over the years now.

The company tweaks around the BPO services mixed with ITES to deliver the best solutions to their clients. As of now, this large-cap company has an estimated market capital investment of ₹73496.32. Alongside that, the unit price of the stocks is ₹761.45, which is considerably lower to its competitors. That is why they have made it to this list.

The Conclusion

Please note that the list is subjective and others may find alternative reasons to believe otherwise. What we have focussed on is the parameter of a ‘Good stock’ that we have mentioned on the intro. Meanwhile, these stocks deserve to be recognized as the stocks that performed excellently this year.

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