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Coworking offices are shared office space by different companies through the use of common infrastructures such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services.

We got into contact with a few Coworking offices in Aamchi Mumbai, and we asked a couple of questions to the members working in a shared office space. We also asked a couple of question to the community manager about the amenities that are provided by the Coworking offices and also, the usual benefits for startups working in a shared office space.

In the era of startups booming, people are looking for coworking offices. If you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re looking to take your startup off the ground, you can either work from home, rent out a small office, or there’s a third option.

603 The Coworking Space, Lower Parel.

Tell Us About the Coworking Office?

Coworking is basically a shared office space, right? Different people from different backgrounds, different styles of working, different professions, working on the same premises, learning and helping each other, growing.603 The Coworking Space, Lower Parel.

How’s the Vibe Around in 603?

The vibe is from the people. People who enter coworking spaces have come with a mindset; they want a livelier space; they want a space not to be like a traditional office space. They want to have options of destressing within the space itself, so its work and it’s fun, there’s a balance of both.603 The Coworking Space, Lower Parel.

How Does 603 Support the Members?

Supporting the members is in a sense – we provide a plug and play model, right? So when you come in, it’s pretty much just get your laptop, your electronics and start your work.603 The Coworking Space, Lower Parel.

Supporting includes – Facilities we provide include – Meeting room access, printing is within, there’s butler service, you add a personal touch to everything, and that’s how the members are happy.

What Are the Future Plans of 603?

So the future plans of 603, I’d say, Mr Kunal Kataria, the founder should be actually answering the question. Still, of course, the future plans are to grow, to expand, to have a community that is more involved to grow along with the community, yeah, expansion.

-Kinjal. 603 The Coworking Space, Lower Parel,

Next Gen, Marathon Innova Corporate Centre,
C Wing, Ganapatrao Kadam Marg,
Lower Parel,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Cost: From Rs 7,700 per month!

iKeva: Coworking Space, Powai.

Tell Us About Your Experience in Working at iKeva?

So basically, workspace for every need is the tagline we use. Plus it’s a hassle-free environment. We are here to provide a hassle-free environment to our clients, the startups, those who are looking for space, offices, coworking spaces, just to help the startups.

What Are the Amenities That Y’all Provide?

So it’s a plug and play kind of setup. It includes everything — Internet, tea, water, coffee for the members, the clients here, their guests. Plus, Electricity, air conditioning is including in the package.

How Often Do You Host Events in iKeva?

Yes, we do host events. We do every Friday. There is some fun Friday activity which happens here every Friday. We do a lot of engaging activities; we do a lot of workshops, Social Media workshops we do, we do some legal compliance workshops, so we do a lot of events. Every Friday, there is an event happening here.

-Nishit Vasani. Central Manager. iKeva, Powai

Tell Us About iKeva Coworking Space?

Working at iKeva has been a very good experience for us. We’ve been here for more than 14 months now, and basically it has given us a lot of flexibility, as our team has grown, to accommodate a higher number of team members. And also, all aspects related to infrastructure or anything with respect to the office is taken care by the iKeva team, so that’s one thing we do not need to focus on and we can focus on running our business.

-Gautam Gatgil. Enrizon

We don’t have to really maintain space on our own, you know. Most importantly, you know, the smaller activities that happen on a regular basis, it could be, for example; we experience the stand-up comic coming over, the last week. It helps in getting the team together. A bit of the HR part is also taken care of.

-Vivek Arora. CGI Global, BV.

Supreme Business Park, Level – 2, Wing B, Behind Lake Castle Building, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, 400 076

Cost: From Rs 3,500 per person!

Mumbai Coworking Office

Tell Us About Mumbai Coworking Space?

So Mumbai Coworking is a very friendly space what we have and it’s in a hub basically. This connects easily to S.V. Road nearby, and Ram Mandir and Jogeshwari are also very convenient. We have lots of restaurants downstairs, and we have a lot of events every weekend. We have month-end parties for coworking people out here.

It’s basically a chilled-out coworking space. Not a proper corporate, but yeah, it’s a chilled-out space here.

What Are the Amenities That Y’all Provide?

So we provide tea, coffee, mineral water, access to the wifi, lounge area.

How Convenient is It in the Matter of Pricing?

So we start from minimum 4500/- for startups and maximum it’s 8000/-. So there’s one month rent, one month deposit and two months of minimum lock-in period is what we give.

-Farin Shaikh. Community Manager. Mumbai Coworking

Tell Us About Your Experience in Working at Mumbai Coworking?

Like everything. Free tea, coffee, snacks, evening snacks as well. And at the same time, you have free access to the lounge. The Moroccan Lounge which is really great. So while working, I usually walk here and there. At times I even go to the Moroccan Lounge we have here, the terrace, so I also work there.

– Khushal Mehta. SutraHR.

I have been working in the Mumbai Coworking space for one month and 11 days to be precise. And it’s been really fun, it’s been a very good experience. I came in through Farin who handles everything here, and she has been really cooperative, she has been good to us and all issues that we faced while coming in and setting into a new space. I would definitely recommend this place.

-Atik Merchant. Bikester Global.

602 B, Annapurna, Adarsh Nagar,
Opposite Oshiwara Park, Above Delicacy Of China, Andheri (W), Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400102

Cost: From Rs 4,500 per month!


Tell Us About the Working Environment in WORKAMP?

WORKAMP, as a company, promotes different types of companies like startups or more prominent companies. The centres are across Thane and Mumbai, which are 2 in Thane (Workamp Nitco & Workamp 59), 1 in Andheri(Workamp Estate) and 1 at Lower Parel(Workamo Futurex).

The working environment is pretty chill. We have community managers on the floor to make sure they take care of all the members at all times, and we promote a lot of collaborations that happen across the centres between the members.

How Often Do You Host Events?

We usually have two events a month. The last event we did was that we had all the founders of all the centres across the location to meet at one place and discuss about a common topic which could be the future of their particular business.

What Are the Amenities That Y’all Provide?

The main amenities we provide is 24×7 access, so that I think is v important because, startups like to work around the clock and they don’t have a particular set time which they want to sort of like have a 9-5 job or certain number of working hours that they have, so 24×7 is something we focus on.

Apart from that, there are printers available, meeting rooms that are common that can be used. There are housekeeping facilities; there’s security at all times. There is two community manager at every centre which and take care of all the members when they are working, so that is taken care of on the spot.

How Convenient is WORKAMP in the Matter of Team Size?

So the coworking industry was made to help the startups and smaller companies. As compared to them taking their own office space, the main points that I see here are, they don’t have to own their own asset, and they can just come and use the plug and play model that we offer and do what they do best which is just work.

The second point which could be upscaling and downscaling, which is very common in terms of new companies that they upscale and downscale at any given point which can be an option at a coworking space as compared to their conventional office where they run out of you, where they don’t have enough space to get more people on the team.

-Ashish Soomaney. Member Aquisition, WORKAMP.

Tell Us About Your Experience in Working at WORKAMP?

Being here, at WORKAMP, roughly, it has been about a year. It has been fun; the place is cool. Much younger crowd than where we were before, so the environment is great. It’s right in the middle of the city, so getting here was a pain initially, but all round its been more than good fo us.

-Ramanujam Narsimahn. Paprika Idea Labs, WORKAMP.

Location:(WORKAMP Estate)
3rd Floor, B Wing, Shah Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri ( East ), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072

Cost: From Rs 7,000 per month!

These were the coworking spaces we visited if you would like us to explore any other coworking spaces in Mumbai feel free to comment down below.


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