CBSE Vs ICSE? Which Education Board to choose for your Child

Examinations are an important step for children’s higher education. When it comes to choosing a board, this becomes tough for both – the parents as well as the student. Class 8th normally is considered the right time to choose and decide on which board the child needs to appear. There are many boards in our country. Every state has a state board apart from ISC or CBSE board. Both these boards are an important and integral part of our country. But which one should a child choose is the main question.Studying

Parents need to consider various points while choosing boards for their children. And this should be done prior to class 10th. Class 10th or SSC is the very first level of boards that a child appears for. Hence, it becomes important to choose the right board prior to class 10th. And moving your child to another board is not only a tedious task but too strenuous for both of you.

This article tries to clear out all your fears and queries about switching over the board and its importance.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

These are the 2 main boards in our country, found in every state besides their state board examinations.

When to change your child’s board?

Normally class 8th is considered the best time to change or shift your child to another school if you prefer any particular board for his/her examination. Now, this depends on their higher studies and the education they choose for higher classes. There are many government examinations that your child might want to appear for. They are on the basis of the CBSE examination pattern, which is quite tough. Also if you want to teach your child in an international school, it is better than you teach him/her as per CBSE methodology.

Which is the best board for your child?

This is a very tricky question. Both the boards hold their own importance. However, this depends upon your child’s higher education. If he/she is keen on studying and preparing for any professional course, it is advisable that he chooses CBSE board. This curriculum will help your child mold in a better way as per all the professional courses. This curriculum helps your child to prepare in a better way for all the courses and of course in a competitive manner.

While on the other hand, if your child wants to learn in a holistic approach and prepare him or herself accordingly. The importance is given on linguistics and arts and science while studying in an ICSE board. And if you are extremely keen on making your child study in a foreign institute or college, it is advisable that your child should study as per ICSE syllabus and board. However, I would also advise you to consult a career counselor before jumping on to any decision. As this is a very crucial period for your child and his/her studies, it is better to consult an educationist for a better approach.

Advantages of CBSE board

  • Assures an overall growth of your child
  • Lots and lots of basic and general information are provided on subjects.
  • An excellent medium of the board if you’re applying for higher and informative studies or any competitive examination.
  • Drilling of information about all general subjects.
  • Numerous extra-curricular activities.
  • Excellent board for those children who are appearing for examinations like IIT, CAT, MAT, and others.
  • The fee structure is pretty decent and affordable as compared to other boards.
  • CBSE runs institutions and prescribes NCERT solutions and books for its courses.


Advantages of ICSE board

  • Instils core knowledge of linguistics subjects.
  • Instils knowledge in subjects like English, science, and others.
  • Deep knowledge is imparted and efforts taken to teach every single subject.
  • Almost all major cities and schools have this board, hence it is easier to move or change the board.

Never rely on your relatives’ or friends’ opinion. They will tell you stuff only based on their own opinions. This might not help you. Google more information about the school, make pointers and jot down queries that you have in your mind. Now consult an expert counselor for a better piece of advice.

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