Comic Con Mumbai 2018

If you missed the opportunity to visit Comic Con Mumbai this time around then don’t worry, We got you covered.

In an era where teenagers speak only in the language of dialogues and punchlines plagiarised straight from a TV show or a trendy motion picture. Comic Con is that place for these geek head’s to gather at. Comic Con is a two-day event happens every year in Mumbai and other states in India and popularly all over the world! It’s a super “geek” fest of sci-fi/fantasy movies and television, comic books, artists, cos-players (folks who dress up as their favorite characters) and so much more!

Entering in we were greeted with an enthusiastic young volunteer’s a free poster, 2pack of Doritos and a horde of geek bonded people enjoying themselves carelessly it was really fun to watch all our favorite heroes being cosplayed with genuine efforts, looking part to the character they play.

Not only I saw a budding market to a pop culture that binds people on the grounds of creative entertainment but also the sentimental response to fiction and related art posed a collective feeling of relatability

There was an opportunity for marvel geeks to hold Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet, Pose as Captian America, Free Captain Marvel Poster’s and a Gaming section booth with chance to play Devil May Cry 5 and chance to win Amazon Prize box at the amazon prime booth,  some cool merchandise ranging from apparels to pretty badges and mix that with a vortex of fictional characters coming alive and you will find the chambers of secrets to the fan loved comic con.



Missed the Chance to Visit Comic Con don’t worry. You can check our 360 coverage of Comic Con 2018 here

360 VR Comic Con 2018 | Mumbai

Held at NESCO arena where Comic Con starred as a guest to our bustling Mumbai city, the euphoria was at the peak. Everyone bonding over colorful outfits and varying levels of geek. The arena witnessed the might of the Fan culture that swirls and prides with perky merchandise ranging from curated pop-culture influenced paintings, best of comics, superheroes adorned tech devices, collectibles in the form of bags, notebooks, badges, posters, t-shirts, and the list goes on.

All the Shots were taken from Redmi Note 6 Pro Check the Camera Review of the phone:

Comic Con Mumbai 2018 was an excellent celebration of the mashup of myriads of genre giving access to the notable works of enthusiastic artists. If you had missed the opportunity to visit Comic Con this time around then going through the article might have made you feel a little less missed out, Hoping to see you all next time around. A similar event was also happening in Mumbai for gamers called DreamHack Mumbai 2018 do check it out.

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