Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Quick Recap!

Although the premiere episode of Got didn’t give us the chills as was expected but the second one surely served the purpose. The second episode of the season was full of suspense with the whole episode unfolding truth at every point. The whole episode revolved around the Winterfell story.

There were less action and more of interaction and revelations in the whole episode. Still, a bit of action was seen in the episode with Arya stark the little stark girl having a bold scene with Gendry. Weird though but that what GOT is all about breaking beyond our expectations. 

Jamie Pledge to Fight Against the Dead

So the episode displayed all the lost characters we thought have died somewhere but they all got in with us guessing who was who and how they all fit in together. It started with the Queen Daneris asking Jaime Lannister to prove his loyalty and as usual, Jamie brother Tyron stepped in to defend him. But Jaime, unlike her sister/ lover, has managed to make some good friends who stood by her in the house to defend his loyalty to the queen.

Another highlight of the episode was seen when both the opposing ladies Sansa and Daneris tried to sort out but once again iron throne came in between. Also just after that John revealed to his lover Daneris that he is not a bastard but the real owner of the iron throne, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark to which the queen was shocked and didn’t agree on.

Comedy bits were also seen in the episode with Tormund Giantsbane cracking up the story of how he got the name Giants bane. The story is very ironical with everybody drinking together who once were after each other’s life precisely presently sitting in Winterfell these are those people who fought against the starks but now they are all together to defend the Starks castle. 
The little Arya who is now fully geared up is rocking the show with her full badass mode. She has become the fighter stark girl, now she is fully trained to throw daggers with style. Although the little girl with those wittiness is gone we are surely loving this fighter Arya.

Finally at the end everybody was seen enjoying the night before they die, they wanted to reveal and experience everything before this night with Arya not wanting to die a virgin, Brienne not wanting to die as just a lady, and Sir Jaime wants to die with a clean slate leaving Cersies sins behind, Sam proving to be the right heir of House Tarly by fighting in the war and not hiding behind and the King of the north John pouring his heart out to The Queen.

So that’s how the episode ended with some revelations. Waiting for the Next episode to see the White Walkers army marching towards the Winterfell.

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