Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Quick Recap!


So this battle of Winterfell is what we all have been waiting for since long. So the time has arrived when Winterfell has to face this long night facing the army of the dead. We showed our patients with the dragging episode2 of this season with absolute no spark apart from Arya turning the heat on.

Battle Of Winterfell

But the 3rd episode will give you all the thrills you have been waiting for from unfortunate deaths to the spicy twists and turns you would surely drop your jaws on the floor, wanting to watch more. What next is what I wondering all the time, but nothing I thought happened it was so unpredictable.

It is the longest episode of this season. This is surely the most epic and dramatic battle of the whole series and why not after all its the premiere season. The entire episode is full of bloodshed. The whole army fighting for winter fell is aware of the fact that the war is not easy, it is very difficult to defeat the dead but still, the enthusiasm is on. Every eye was waiting for the night king army to emerge from the darkness. With everyone tensed to fight with the death, the red woman came in between to lift up their spirit to fight against the white walkers and giving them a way of hope by lighting up their armours.

The battle finally begins with all the undead rushing towards the Winterfell castle. Here the dragons come into scene when the mother of dragons directs the dragon to light up the darkness with their fire. But the white walkers are no less they also have a supernatural dragon to return back the favour. And the war proceeded with the first casualty of the war where the commander of the night’s watch was stabbed while saving Samwell.

So as the episode proceeded it portrayed a full-on action movie and a horror film scene with everyone facing the death and dying at one point or the other. In the second half of the episode,  the White Walkers burst into the battle lines and blew the  Winterfell’s gates. There is a  constant brook of zombies falling into the ceilings in Winterfell castell, there was no stopping of the dead, all their plans failed to stop the dead even the dragons failed.

Night King Rising the Dead Unsullied Army

There is a war between the three dragons in the air where the white walker king was thrown off the dragon by a dragon queen. But little did the poor dragon queen knew that the white walker king cant is killed with fire only.

All the stalk did their best to control this war. But Arya definitely rocked again in this episode or we could say she is real saver she sneaks around in the dark, dodging the White Walkers or hitting them silently. Tensed in the crypts, Sansa and Tyrion have a skimpy, quiet chat concerning their marriage while hearing the action above. The white walkers are unstoppable but as they say, there is an end to the wrong but the way has to be figured out. 

There was a lot of killing in the episode with the Unsullied fighting up the war fearfully, but deaths carry sway, as well. A lot of obscure personalities got sacrificed in this war against the dead.

Arya Vs Night King

Not everybody lived in this dreadful war but nobody ran out of it. So this war stopped when white walkers reached bran, Arya the Supergirl came from behind the Night King and takes him out. So that’s how the girl with no name got fame. So remember what kills a white walker is Valyrian steel and that what She did. So the big war with the white walkers have ended but the real one among the Cersi and the Dragon Queen is still left, let see who wins the iron throne!


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