I Fell She Flew

I fell in Love.

My life has been Unique, to say the least. Where normal Lads are scared of Women and stay away from them, I have been Surrounded by the Ladies all my Life.

Hi, I am Kush and this is my Remarkable Story. I belong to a Joint Family. We boast a massive population of 25 people living in our house most of them being Girls. I had Nine Sisters growing up, and they taught me everything I know. Growing up in a house filled with Girls makes you a shade Expert on them.

From a Significantly Young Age, I discovered what to say and what not to Women. I learned from my Eccentric Aunts and later Sisters how to Foretell Mood Swings and how to cater to their Unique needs. In short from a young age, I was the Perfect Boyfriend material (not my words).

Hence, it should not come as a surprise that I was quite Popular with the Ladies throughout School and even now in College. Though sadly I Promptly fell in Love many times and each of them had many twists and turns in them.

I Present To you some Significant Experiences I had.

First Love

My first Love was my Teacher
My first Love was My Teacher.

Typical to every Adolescent boy in the World my first Love was my Teacher. I undoubtedly remember the first day I saw her. Oh, what a Sight she was. I was in 6th standard sitting in my class when she walked in. Ms Joanne V Sullivan, even her name was Beautiful. Joanne Ma’am was our English Teacher.

The whole day after first setting eyes on her I naturally spent Daydreaming about her. She became my Sole reason for coming to School. Being a little forward and forewarned about Women it didn’t take me long before I was her Favourite Student in the class.

I regularly Complimented her; I Assisted her and the Solitary reason for my time in school became getting Praise from Joanne Ma’am. I remember one day I saw Charlie (my Best friend back then) speaking to Ma’am. This made me very Curious (and a little Jealous) as Miss had never spoken to him before.

He was sitting comfortably, eagerly Devouring my delicious lunch at Recess. I went up to him and asked, “how come you were talking to Ma’am.”

Charlie was taken aback, to say the least. He made a Face, before answering in his general Smug tone, “ why were you getting Jealous.” I genuinely wanted to Strangle the Shrewd look off his face but controlled myself. After much pleading and a Glorious promise to willingly share my Excellent lunch for the following month he ultimately answered.

“I started taking Tuitions from Ma’am. Ergo, I was talking to her.”

This was like a Beacon of renewed hope for me. You can’t imagine the astonishing Speed at which I sprinted towards the staffroom. I was so Overjoyed  I missed a turn and smashed face-first into an Innocent girl.

“Don’t you see where you are going” She screamed?

I got up and Sprinted off without a second look at her. My Excitement not Damped a bit. I found Ma’am outside the staffroom.

“Kush what are you doing here” she seemed amazed to see me.

“Ma’am I want to Promptly join your tuition classes” I Babbled before losing the nerve “I just heard about them from Charlie. I want to Join.”

Ma’am looked at me with a strange look, “Ok here take my Number.” She tore a small piece off her diary.” You can come on Monday. That’s my next class. Charlie will tell you the proper address” she rumpled my hair and walked stealthily away missing the rare look of bliss this brought to my face.

“You don’t need Tuition.” My Mum thundered “that too in English, Definitely not.”

I stood fully dressed going for my First day of Classes with Ma’am while my mum Ranted at me Squandering my time. I repeatedly glanced at my watch. It was precisely 3:30 PM if I didn’t leave Promptly I would be late.

That my friends would not be a Pleasing Impression to portray on a Crush.

“Ok, Mum I Promise I’ll get 90% in English this term if you Allow me to go” I pleaded my case. “Also, none of my other Marks will come down.”

This seemed to Instantly get my Mum’s Attention. “Let him go if he Eagerly wants” my Dad chimed in.

This is how I began my daily Tuitions with my Crush, my First Love. We were 10 students in our batch. I was a late Entrant, so Ma’am Urged me to arrive half an hour early to make up for the lost Time. Initially, it was half an hour of Study but slowly it became an hour of Calking and Chatting with Ma’am.

I Loved every minute of my Time with Ma’am. She was Bubbly Cute and Caring. Ma’am taught me more about Life than Literature. She Enlightened me about the Society the Societal norms and everything. I enjoyed these Walks so much I started staying for a part two after the Tuition ended. This brought a fresh Debate at my home, but I didn’t Budge or regret my Choice.

For two Memorable Years, my One-sided charming Love Story blossomed with Ma’am. By class 8 I became her Main Confidant. One day I remember Ma’am and I were sitting by a Pond. The sun was about to set. The Radiant sky had a Beautiful Orange Glow. Both of us were keenly Enjoying the distant Chirping of active birds and Quaking of the returning Ducks.

Joanne Ma’am looked at me with a soft Smile, “I have some News for you.” I sat up straighter Bestowing my utmost Attention upon her. “I want you to meet Someone.”

“Who,” I asked. Surprise clear in my voice.

“Someone special” she answered Mysteriously.

The entire Class after that I was only Pondering over the identity of the Mysterious person. By the time the Tuition ended, I was ready to Pluck my hairs apart.

We went our routine walk. The silence was Palpable. I noticed we were on an unusual Route than usual. I was about to Ask when Miss took a turn and promptly entered a House. I followed her in Quietly.

From Inside, I could hear familiar sounds of Musical Laughter coming. I gradually entered the Room all to find my Ghastliest Nightmare. Ma’am was Hugging a man in the middle of the room. I was floored. I stood there like a Gilded Statue.

They ended their Hug, but the Man, the Vile Van had an arm around Miss’ waist.

“This is Kush. My best friend. And Kush this is David, my fiancé”. Ma’am introduced us.

Her words Scorched me to my core. That night I could not Sleep. I was Numb. For countless hours I stared Wistfully into the Impenetrable Darkness of the Windless night. It Mirrored my Heart’s Misery. Finally when feelings returned the first thing I felt was Wetness. I was Aloof to the fact that I had been Crying in Agony. This Realization brought forward the finality of my One-sided Love. This, in turn, led to more Tears. The Frigid Night inevitably passed in a continuous flow of Burning Tears and Heartache.

For the succeeding week, I was a Zombie at school. The sole reason for my Attendance had been Snatched off. I remember the next time I went for Tuition I was purposefully late by 10 minutes just to skip our Walk. I noted the look of Hurt on Ma’am’s face, but my Heartache made me Indifferent to it.

After the class, I bolted off without any Plausible Excuse. She didn’t stop me. This continued for a month before Ma’am Confronted me.

I was Bolting away when “Kush please stay back. I have something I want to Talk to you about.” I heard Ma’am. The Coldness in her voice Struck me to my core.

Miss smartly walked passed me as I Trudged behind her for our walk. We walked in Silence. My head was in shambles. I could not decide what to do what to say. Suddenly I noticed we were not on the Road anymore but in a Field.

The field was Glowing. On further Examination, I noticed Thousands of Fireflies flying about. It was a Heavenly scene. The lights were like little Stars shining all around us. Miss led me to a Rock, and we sat down.

“I know you are naturally Upset” she began with a Defeated voice. It Wound my Heart to hear her speak with such Misery. “I’m sorry”.

I felt a small Tear roll down my eye. We sat in silence looking at the Beauty surrounding us. The Darkness of the night and the Starry lights of the bugs produced an Ominous but exquisite scene.

“Ma’am, I am sorry.” I finally began. Miss Looked at me, “I should have never Crossed my Line. I am Ashamed of my Behaviour. You thought of me as a Reliable Friend and I could not Honour our enduring Friendship.”

I got up and Walked a little into the Light in hope of Enlightenment. The scenery was Captivating.

“I want to ask you Something.” I heard a distant Whisper.

I slowly faced Miss. She ambled closer, “Will you come to my Wedding?”  She gently took my hand “It would mean a Mighty lot to me”.

I looked at the Hope, the small light of Hope in Ma’am’s eyes. I instantly decided that what may be I Sincerely Love her and I will do everything to give her Happiness.

“Obviously, I will be Scandalized if you don’t Invite me” I replied promptly with Mock anger. Miss voluntarily gave a small Soul lifting laugh.

Again that Night I could not sleep. But this time I had a Noble Purpose. I had made a Promise to myself. A promise to make Miss Happy and I intended to withhold it.

The next 2 months saw me Visiting Ma’am quite often. I was in charge of many Wedding Rituals. Ma’am was Married on 6th October at 11 am in our field. She had decided it would remain her Special Place. I was Bestowed upon the Honour of walking Ma’am down the Aisle with her Father on the other side.

It was a Magnificent Ceremony. The Bride and Groom were in Love, and it showed. Their sealing Kiss Bathed the Ceremony with Glorious Love.

Before Miss Left for her Honeymoon, she led me aside and Hugged me.

“Bless you for everything you did. I know you genuinely Love me.” She whispered in my ear. “I promise you will Invariably find a way better Innocent Girl than me. But I want you to Cherish our Relationship.”

She slowly Straightened and looked into my eyes, “I want you to never change.” She gently inclined forwards and tenderly Kissed me on the plump cheek. “And I urge you to Study.”

It has been Years since that Memorable day. I am still in good contact with Ma’am But the last Smile she willingly gave me before getting into her Car is etched in my heart. I can never forget that.

That’s all I can write for today. However, Don’t worry my miseries do not end so soon. Next Month I’ll Narrate the Tale of a Massive Heartbreak. This one will be more Relatable, I promise.

Please Comment. Also Share, my misery may Help Someone Else. You Never Know.


So, Keep loving.

Keep living.

Au revoir.

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