Sacred Games: A Quick Recap and Season 2: “Kuch bada hone wala hai”

Sacred Games: A Quick Recap and S2:

Sacred games recap

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Sacred Games is the first Indian original series of Netflix’s which was globally released. The series starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and Radhika Apte, was one of the most popular TV series of the platform.  The story is based on a thriller novel of Vikram Chandra of the same name. It is having eight episodes which are enough to make the audience connected with it throughout the entire series. One of the great things about the series is that all the episodes are named after Hindu mythology and have significance in the plot.  Incoming 15th of august, the most awaited Sacred games season 2 is also going to release. Before that here is some quick sacred games recap of the episodes of season 1.

Sacred Games Recaps :

Episode 1: Ashwathama

sacred games : ashwathama season 1 episode 1
sacred games ashwathama

The name of the episode one derived from the most popular Hindu mythological character of Mahabharata which is “Ashwathama”, who never dies. Nawazudding Siddiqui as a gangster Ganesh Gaitonde gave a hint that there is some worst thing going to happen in Mumbai after 25 days. Another story runs parallelly with it, which shows Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh who is looking for a case to prove that his department is corrupted. He gets a call from Gaitonde about the hint of some destruction which is going to happen in Mumbai. Gaitonde also claimed that he knows Sartaj’s father. Somehow Sartaj abled to trace Gaitonde, and there he saw that Gaitonde shoot himself in his head. After this, the series follows a flashback of life and the rise of Gaitonde.

Episode 2: Halahala

sacred games: halahala season 1 episode 2

The death of Ganesh Gaitonde starts a countdown of 25 days, and the second episode begins which named as “Halahala”. In this episode, it shows that there is a connection between an upcoming Bollywood actress with Gaitonde’s murder. This episode also marked the entry of Radhika Apte as Anjali Mathur, a RAW agent who got the charge of solving the case. On the other hand, Sartaj Singh was suspended by his senior for not cooperating him. Sartaj Singh joined Anjali Mathur to solve the case. From that point, the scene goes back to the 1980s when Gaitonde used to be in slums of Bombay on the way of becoming a gangster.

Episode 3: Atapi Vatapi

sacred games atapi watapi

The third episode continues from the investigation by Sartaj and Anjali, and soon they trace about the case from the Bollywood actress who was coerced to give sexual actions to the most trusted gang member of Gaitonde, Bunty. Followed by this, the flashback continued from the story of Gaitonde in earlier days his interaction with Kukoo.

Episode 4: Brahamhatya

sacred games Brahamhatya

The fourth episode named “Brahamhatya” which shows that Bunty caught a hidden camera. Sartaj followed Bunty, where he traced the meeting of Bunty and a strange man. The flashback showed that once Bunty gets into the gang with nothing and how slowly he climbed the ladder to reach the power. 

Episode 5: Sarama

sacred games sarama

In episode five, Sartaj Singh followed his informant to save her, but Mumbai police caught Sartaj instead of Bunty. Nayanika was shot dead in this process. Back to the flashback in Bombay, Gaitonde’s power started spreading. He was becoming more powerful. Gaitonde decided to marry Kooko, but later on, he came to know that Kukoo was a shemale. Without bothering that Gaitonde agreed to love her, but Kokko killed herself.

Episode 6: Pretakalpa

sacred games Pretakalpa

The plot continues with a small Muslim gang of Bombay in episode six. Sartaj Singh went after these thugs. In this process, the main sidekick of Sartaj is murdered. Back to the flashback of Gaitonde’s life, he found a traitor among his close friend and killed him with his brother.

Episode 7: Rudra

Sacred games rudra

In the seventh episode, the flashback continues as the rival gang planned to kill Gaitonde however they murdered his wife. Soon after that Gaitonde goes on a rampage, killing innocent peoples of the street of Mumbai. He also fired the entire slum. The police arrested him and where he was beaten up every day without any mercy. At the same time, the plot moves to the present day where Sartaj sing and group were inches away from the people who were involved in the upcoming attack. Soon after that Anjali Mathur was shot dead by that strange man of an earlier episode

Episode 8: Yayati

sacred games yayati

The final episode of the series was full of twists and turns. The link between Gaitonde and Sartaj’s father was found.  Now it was known that the strange person is the key player of the mission and Sartaj Singh is caught in front of him. Sartaj continues, trying to find the link and figuring out the missing pieces of the puzzle.

What Is Expected From Season Two?

sacred games season 2 : what to expect

While the first season of Sacred Games ended with the scene where Gaitonde was trying to escape from the prison, the second season is expected to show that Gaitonde is back as a refugee in Kenya. The journey of his relationship with his third father “Guruji” will be a pleasure to watch. Saif Ali Khan will remain the hero cop, and it was clear from the first part that he will be saving the city from destruction. From the trailer of Sacred games 2, it clearly shows a crucial role of Kalki Koechlin and the role of Radhika Apte was ended in the first part only. Moreover, you can expect a lot of screentime from Pankaj Tripathi as well. Sacred Games 2 is expected to spend time more on flashbacks.


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From Sacred Games recap, it is visible that the episodes are full of thriller and suspense. Most importantly, the audience is eagerly waiting for season two, which is going to be released on the 15th of August. The remaining life of the crime lord Gaitonde and the saviour Sartaj Singh will be continued in the coming season. Season two is the most anticipated web series of Netflix. Already from the social media post by the director says “Kuch bada hone wala hai,” i.e., something big is going to take place. It has been confirmed that season two was shot in Africa.




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