5 Indian Whole Grains You Must Include in Your Diet

Indian whole grains

Even though we talk of many different diets around the world, the fact that Indian food is healthier than most of the other should be digested. We get mesmerised with quinoa and oats as they are imported. But do not underestimate the power of whole Indian grains which are nutritious, good for health and serves you with numerous benefits.

Add Best Five Indian Whole Grains in Your Diet

So, here we talk about the five important whole grains which belong to our country and should be part of our diet.

Top 5 Indian whole grains you must include in your diet


It is popular in the Northern part of India. It is mostly consumed during fasts. But you can use it every day in your diet as it has loads of nutrients like manganese, calcium, vitamin B12, folate, zinc and potassium. Rajgira laddoo is a popular dish and can be prepared for kids as well as adults.


Broken wheat or Dalia

Our ancestors used to prepare Dalia or laapsi out of broken wheat. They were much healthier than us because they thrived on such food items. Broken wheat is mainly famous for breakfast items as in porridge. But these days more and more recipes are created out of this grain. Yes, you can even find broken wheat cakes at the stores which serve a healthy version of cakes and cookies. Enriched with vitamin A, fibre and good carbs, broken wheat helps in reducing sugar and cholesterol in the body.

wheat dalia -5 Indian whole grains you must include in your diet
wheat Dalia

Barley or Jau

Barley is not much used in our diet because we generally don’t think it’s essential. But jau or barley is rich in zinc and fibres. Hence, it can be a good alternative when you are on a detox diet. Recipes made with barley can be tasty and healthy. Regular consumption of barley in the diet can help in lowering blood pressure and also in aiding weight loss.

Barley or jau-5 Indian whole grains you must include in your diet
Jau or Barley


These days, there has been awareness about health benefits of ragi among people, and hence, it has been used in many ready food items as well. Ragi or nachani helps in making your bone health pretty good, and it is also suitable for people with diabetes. But if you have not yet included this grain in your diet, then do it as soon as possible.

Ragi one of the 5 Indian whole grains you must include in your diet


Bajra is gluten-free, and hence, it should be consumed daily. However, years back, our forefathers used bajra in their daily diet. It used to be their staple food. But then no one was talking about this grain. Today, it has made a rocking come back because people have started understanding the health benefits of the same. Bajra treats constipation naturally, and hence, it is suitable for digestive issues as well. If you have problems like insomnia or uric acid, then consuming bajra in daily diet would be quite essential.

Bajra one of the 5 Indian whole grains you must include in your diet

Say no to packaged cereals 

So, instead of having those packaged cereals or those fancy so-called healthy breakfast items, why don’t you switch over to this whole-grain diet? There are a lot of recipes available online these days, and so you can surf through them and make a diet plan for yourself that would have healthy meals consisting of a perfect balance of these Indian whole grains, vegetables, fruits etc.

Taking a break from your regular meals would give you a positive change as well. Try and include the grains mentioned above in your diet so that you can fetch health benefits and lead a healthy life. Altering your diet for better will surely bring about a different feeling. So, cherish the new feel and enjoy your healthy meals!


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