5 New Diet Plans on the Block for Weight Watchers

The new age millennia is always in a rush with no time to spare. Unhealthy food habits, no exercises, intake of alcohol increases the toxins in the body resulting in weight gain. Lifestyle diseases are on the rise. This puts pressure on them to lose weight which is one of the reasons for increasing diseases.

Also with raising awareness, people want to be in line with their counterparts who are slim and trim. Weight issues are the topmost in the mind of today’s generation. Everybody wants to ace up their personality and want to shed the extra weight. There is a constant tug of war between weight gain and loss.

With increasing, exposure and availability of stuff people have various options in hand. Different kinds of diet plans are afloat which helps them in taking the correct decision. According to their lifestyle and dietary patterns they can opt for the appropriate diet. This should be chosen carefully for it to sustain for a longer time. Some of the new diet fads are listed below.

1. The Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet

This approach is an intake of low carbohydrates and concentrates on maintaining the insulin levels in the body. A very popular plan among dieters involving a low carb, high protein and fat regimen. This kind of low carb diet decreases your appetite. So, in turn, leads to weight loss. This is a very effective diet for reducing stubborn belly fat – the most difficult part of weight loss programme.

It also brings down the risk for catching diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar etc. It works on two levels – First, a very low level of carb under 20 gms is taken per day for two weeks. In the second level, as you reach your desired weight loss, your diet is incorporated again with a controlled amount of healthy carbs. It has been absorbed that Atkins diet leads to faster weight loss than other low-fat diets.

2. The Dukan Diet

The proponents of this diet claim it to have a high weight loss in fewer days. It is a high protein low carbohydrates diet plan divided into 4 parts. The first two parts are focused on weight loss and the next two parts on maintaining the lost body weight.

The diet includes cutting carbs totally and eating a high protein food (as per your cravings) and oat bran which is compulsory. Then the next part involves introducing some non-starchy vegetables and little carbs and fat. Gradually, the protein level is reduced with other nutritious diets to maintain the desired weight.

3. Intermittent Fasting

This approach to weight loss involves regular cycles of fasting and eating. Without cutting down on any form of food it restricts the timing of eating. It is a kind of an eating pattern and curbing your hunger pangs and eating only at particular times. The dieters can make their own timings which is convenient for them but generally, a fast period of 16 hours is advised.

So an 8 hour eating period can be taken which would mean skipping dinner and breakfast completely. This is an effective way to control calorie intake unless you eat too many calories during your eating period. This generally brings in a weight loss of 3 – 8% over a 3 – 24 weeks period. Health benefits include less cholesterol, blood sugar, less muscle loss and increase in metabolism levels. So it is indeed good for weight watchers.

4. The Ketogenic Diet

Followed by a number of celebrities in India, this plan leads to a very quick weight loss. In case you won’t lose weight fast as well as not remain hungry, you can opt for this dietary plan. It is a very low high-fat diet quite similar to Atkins and low carb diets. The carbohydrate intake is almost brought down to nil replaced by good fats. The body gets into a state of being called Ketosis because of the reduction of carbs.

The fat which is eaten is broken into ketones to provide energy. Numerous health benefits like Alzheimer’s disease, certain cancers, diabetes and epilepsy. Keto diets lead to quick weight loss for people looking out for long term solutions to their chronic weight issues.

So this is a low down on a few effective diet plans in fashion today. Not only fast weight loss is gained, but they also help in curing lifestyle diseases and have enormous health benefits. People having less time and not able to go to gyms but have a willingness to reduce weight can opt for some of these diets.

All diets don’t work for everyone. One has to look into his lifestyle and his daily eating patterns and then select wisely the diet plan which will work for him. So go ahead and have a go. Happy dieting and happy weight reduction.

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