5 Ways to Fight Harsh Summer Time

After the cold and pink mornings of winter—summer is knocking at our doorsteps. Cold and cosy mornings give way to scorching hot days with no relief. We embark on a long stretch of summer months almost till October. Winters impart a soft glow to the skin and it increases our appetite and improves our digestive system. Even the skin becomes clear and problems disappear on its own.Fight Harsh Summer Time

The harsh and pricking heat of summer brings in its own set of problems. High levels of humidity, hot sun rays, sweat—all give rise to a lot of ailments internally as well as externally. Dehydration is one of them and the skin also loses its shine and skin diseases like acne and pigmentation resurface to cause much heartache.

Extra care of the body should be taken in the intake of food and fluids as well as extra care of the skin. Excessive heat causes skin rashes, blisters, dehydration, indigestion and a lot more. In extreme cases, there is a loss of body fluids which may need hospitalization. To combat this situation first external diet has to be fixed. Some common measures are

1. Water Consumption

glass of water

Intake of water should increase manifold. At least 3 litres of water should be consumed in a day. Pure, clean and normal temperature water(not refrigerated chilled water) should be taken first thing in the morning. A bottle of water should be carried everywhere. Water keeps the body cool and prevents dehydration. You also avoid piling on calories as water detoxifies and flushes out toxins. Coconut water is also very helpful as it is rich in electrolytes and antioxidants which help in excreting harmful bacteria from the body. You should also drink a lot of lime juice as it helps in the ph balance and cutting down calories.

2. Light Food

Light and fresh food should replace heavy meals. Intake of raw food should be increased instead of fried stuff. Hot soups which were consumed in winter can be replaced with raw vegetable juices. Consumption of coffee and tea should be reduced as they act as diuretics and result in loss of water from the body. Summer should be the time to detoxify your body and eat right.

3. Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

fresh food

Fruit and vegetables can be included in your diet in any way you want. Raw salads or with light dressing, fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes roasted or grilled vegetables with minimal oil can be prepared in a unique way to make it appealing as well as tasty. Semolina flour can be used to make idlis and upma which is light and filling, without adding extra calories. It is yum to have and generally appeals to everyone.

4. Buttermilk and Curd

Butter Milk

Curd can be had plain or in the form of raita which is quite delicious. Buttermilk is also an option. It can be flavoured with mint or any other natural agent. It keeps the body hydrated and cool in the scorching sun. Consumption of fresh veggies in the form of salads provides much-needed nutrition to the body and also prevents dehydration. Avoid heavy cream-based dressings and go for light ones like olive oil and lime.

5. Vitamins and Minerals

An adequate amount of proteins and minerals should be taken to maintain the balance. Proteins should not be skipped altogether but small quantity should be consumed. It adds a  shine to your face and hair.

In addition to all these, you should eat healthily, be regular in all 3 meals, have a hearty breakfast, eat fresh and avoid stale food, dump junk and roadside food, too spicy and calorie-laden fried food should also be avoided fully.

With all these dietary constraints and a little caution, you can welcome summer in all its glory.

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