Biriyani Ya Salad That is the Question- Food Rant Diaries

Biryani Alu Paratha, Golgappe, Pizza, Burger, Chocolates, oooh Ice Cream.Food Rant DIaries
These are the excellent Few Delicious foods we all humbly crave from time to time. But alas we must carefully keep a check on our weight or else… We all have been brought up to charm the world but do we even think about ourselves for a minute. Weight loss, Weight gain, heart problems these are precisely like the ballistic missiles that are allegedly dropped on us from time to time.
I say Pish Posh to this.

Marry Poppins Food Rant Diaries
Very Marry Poppins of me

Yesterday I was at the Mall with my friends, and I overheard (not eavesdropping mind you) a couple bickering on whether to buy masala Dosa or plain Dosa. Huh, trivial I hear you say but wait till you hear the reason for their argument.

The Girl wanted Plain Dosa so that it does not interfere with her diet and the Boy wanted a Masala Dosa because his Mum made it that way.
This got me thinking does the want to look slim clouds people Emotions these days. Or are these caused by some perverted Social norm?

Mila Kunis Ranting Food Rant Diaries

It took me a few devoted weeks of extensive investigation and asking around and these are the most interesting replies I could get.
“I diet to look Good. I dearly need a Girlfriend. No one wants a fat Guy” 22 Samiran Kaushik. Medical Student
“I want to look like Alia Bhatt. Slim and Cute” 26 Shristi Dey. Bank Employee.
“So what do you want I look like a fat Pumpkin? I diet to look Sexy” 36 Eldora John. Housewife (not made up I promise)

Here I got my epiphany. People are not dieting or preferring healthy Lifestyles because they want a longer or better life. No, they are doing so only to look good.

Pencil Drawn abs Food Rant diaries
Marker Drawn Body is the best

Still, I was unconvinced. I wanted to dig deep to find the real cause of this obsession. So I did what I did when Stressed. I downloaded an old movie and sat in my room eating a huge bag of cheese popcorn. I was midway into the movie when I noticed something. The Actress in the movie was kind of stout and pudgy but the plot was smoothly flowing around this ignoring her figure. It was as if no one was paying any attention to her body shape. I quickly looked into My new movies files and noticed that since 2000 majorities of the Actress’ had gradually started slimming down and the Actors have begun Buffing up.

So is this the cause of this sudden craze of fitness among the new generation? I asked myself. Previously the World was unaware of the slim and chic looks but the Actors both male and female the epitomes of Beauty for us Commoners have slowly and gradually brought a new Outlook for us. They have made us believe that being fat or chubby or plump is bad. If you want to look Beautiful, you need to be slim and Buffed and Muscular sporting a six-pack.

I Say Bull shit.
I Say Bull shit.

I don’t agree on a bit. I love the food I love eating. The day I stop eating will be the day they put me in the Ground (in my case cremate, Religious stuff). I will devour everything I want. I can’t live on a shallow bowl of flimsy Salad; it’s what cows eat (no disrespect to cows). I can’t eat that. I need my Biryani.

Now I hear a lot of people shouting “what about our health”. To them, I say don’t worry. I am not telling you to boycott healthy food. But live a little. You came to this world to live happily. I can bet no one is happy eating salads, Indulge in the food you like once in a while. Give delicious food a reasonable chance to seduce you (This is less costly. Wink).

Hence This is the end of my Rant today. In conclusion, I want to say to my readers Go eat a bag of chips or order a delicious pizza with extra cheese or go have Golgappe. Thoroughly enjoy for once. When you come back, your Healthy Lifestyle will still be waiting for you.

So will I. Okay, guys so Comment below on the Food you crave and all your guilty pleasures. Who knows I may share them. Please share this with all your fitness freak friends to learn from and Foodies to Laugh along.
Enjoy Eating.

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