Five Instagram Worthy Cafes to Visit in Delhi NCR


‘You are what you eat’, one may have heard this phrase many a time but millennials these days would like to slightly differ on this one. ‘Your Instagram feed is what you eat’ is more like it, for most of us and the upcoming trend of cafes has just proven how people are preferring them over restaurants and lounges as they’re more casual and cosy.

Five Instagram Worthy Cafes to Visit in Delhi NCR

Whether the food and the interior are Instagram worthy or not has become a selling point for many cafes. In order to meet your needs, here is a compiled list of Instagram Worthy Delhi NCR Cafes which are a sight for sore eyes and fall under the ‘must-visit’ category:

Triveni Terrace Cafe, Mandi House

Triveni Terrace Cafe was opened in 1963 and is a part of the Triveni Kala Sangam that is an art centre of music, dance, painting, etc and is a four-storey complex. This place has rightfully earned its place in the list of Instagram Worthy Delhi NCR Cafes. It still has that same old rustic charm to it. Triveni Terrace Café witnesses a mixed crowd including art enthusiasts, food fanatics, students and more. Moreover, it’s a pocket-friendly cafe with food that tastes like it’s home-cooked. Relaxed and soothing time is what best defines this café!

Brownie points for – Beetroot Halwa and the artsy feels.

Cafeteria And Co, Vijay Nagar

With its quirky interior and multiple cuisines, this eatery offers a wide range of menu which will up your Instagram game for sure. The popularity amongst students and long queues definitely make it one of the finest Instagram Worthy Delhi NCR Cafes.

The greyish-white textured walls make for a great background for your Instagram feed. Its reasonable prices are every student’s dream along with the hospitable staff. Oh, and did you know that they also serve Beyoncé Burger! This one-of-a-kind café must definitely be on your list, next time you’re around that area.

Brownie points for – Variety of sea-food and Mix Berry Cream Cheese crepe

The Rose Cafe, Saidulajab

Are you a fan of vintage stuff and a soothing ambience? Then, this cafe has to be your next stop. It’s a Victorian-style cafe with pretty pastel colours and floral decor to add aesthetic to your Instagram feed.

It has also got an outdoor seating area with delicious food. It made to the list of Instagram Worthy Delhi NCR Cafes because of its conventional theme. Try to take out ample time for visiting it as it is usually filled with customers. Of course, that comes as no surprise as you will see for yourself once you get there.

Brownie points for – Gluten-free and vegan options and an All Day Breakfast Menu.

Ama Cafe, Majnu ka Tila

This cosy little cafe is located in the Tibetan colony of MKT and gives a sense of nostalgia, to say the least. The traditional and homely decor is worth your Instagram post and the welcoming ambience works great for your soul.

It is filled with students, locals, hipsters all in one place. What makes it eligible for Instagram Worthy Delhi NCR Cafes list is the pretty little corners and appealing bakery items that will undeniably get you a lot of likes on your Instagram account.

Brownie points for – Beverage section and Chicken Sizzler.

Another Fine day, Golf Course Road

If you’re a book lover and want to give your Instagram feed a quirky look, this is the place for you. This is one of the Instagram Worthy Delhi NCR Cafes that has a lot to offer in terms of books and board games along with generous portions of food.

You can sit peacefully in your reading corner and relish their delicious breakfast as well as coffee. The modest bookshelf deserves a mention for sure, as it works great for solo travellers. So, it does not matter if you’re with a friend or all by yourself, this café won’t disappoint nonetheless.

Brownie points for – Eggs Benedict and Cold Mezze Platter.

Thus, in addition to being Instagram worthy, there are plenty of other reasons to give these cafes a visit, as stated above. Do not miss out the chance to get a wholesome experience which these cafes promise to offer you. As they say, nothing beats an aesthetic Instagram feed. So, do it for the gram and for your taste buds too!


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