Fruits That Boost Your Metabolism And Aid In Fat Loss


The blessed season of abundance and variety of fruits is upon  us. I genuinely think we owe it to ourselves and the nature to reap as many of their benefits as possible. Fruits are one of Lord’s best creations and increase metabolism; they rarely ever have cons. Unlike pizza, having a few other slices of that alphonso mango or that juicy pineapple will not show up on your tummy and your thighs. Fruits are densely packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals one needs; therefore, it is imperative to have more servings of fruits along with veggies. Although the list is never-ending since every type of fruit is packed with goodness and health, I have listed fourteen fruits here , which will speed up your metabolism simultaneously taking care of your sweet tooth needs. Keep reading to find out which ones made the cut!

Fruits That Boost Your Metabolism


Strawberries are your all in one fruit. They are compact, beautiful, low in calories, easy to eat without any hassles or creating a mess. These luscious berries are packed with all the nutrients you will ever need and are considered one of the best fruits for an increasing rate of metabolism and speeding up the fat loss process. Moreover, these are considered very good for your skin and are believed to slow down the ageing process. These lovelies are packed with lycopene, phenolic antioxidants and a lot of vitamin C; all of these help in keeping diseases at bay and protect your heart. Also, aren’t they so cute that you want to bite them?


I don’t think anything I could ever write would do justice to this amazing fruit. Watermelon, by far, is the cheapest and one of the healthiest fruits ever. Packed with a shockingly enormous amount of lycopene and a lot of carotenoid, it helps in protecting your heart as we saw above in strawberries. As you may know, watermelons are 92% water, which means this fruit does an astonishing job as far as keeping you hydrated and well-fed is considered. On that note, this also means that you won’t feel as hungry if you feed on watermelons a lot, thereby reducing the number of cravings one gets. They are also considered effective in fighting carcinogens, maintaining and bettering your digestive system, reducing oxidative damage as well as inflammation and preventing muscle soreness.


Another one of my favourite easy to eat fruits, packed with fibres, vitamin a, vitamin c along with some protein and antioxidants like beta carotene, zeaxanthin as well as lutein which help in fighting against diseases. Also, apricots can help with skin health, help with your vision and eye health, improve digestion, maintain liver health, accelerate fat loss and keep you hydrated.


These pulpy beauties have a relatively low glycaemic index when you compare it to their sugar content. Oranges, especially blood oranges, are full of fibres like pectin, lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose and polyphenol as well as carotenoids, anti-oxidants and citric acid. Moreover, oranges are greatly packed with vitamin c, thiamine, folate and potassium, which helps in lowering blood pressure. So much so that having one big orange will give you 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. all in all, oranges are good for your body. Have some!


Avocados are stuffed with good fats, minerals, vitamins, carotenoids and phenolics. Avocados are proven to have lipid-lowering benefits. Along with that, they also help with lowering blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels. Moreover, they boost metabolism and are one of the most sought-after anti-obesity fruits. Protection of cardiovascular health is also added to the list I see no reason why you shouldn’t have these amazing creations of nature.


Remember the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Apples are known to help counter the metabolic syndrome by lowering blood sugar levels, blood pressure and as well as reducing the cholesterol levels in our blood. They are rich in antioxidants and have a lot of iron content which helps in fighting anaemia. Pineapples, on the other hand, are packed with potassium and might help get rid of those extra kilos around your waist. They are low in calories, help with the boosting and help in improving metabolism, lowering blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity and helps in improving gastrointestinal health.


Yes, tomato is a fruit. These low-calorie fruits are filled with lycopene up to the brim, which helps in improving cardiovascular health. Tomatoes are also very effective in curbing your cravings and act as metabolism boosters. They are very effective fat burners and have immense benefits for your gut. Adding a serving of tomatoes with a (big) dash of lemon seems like a good idea for an extremely healthy snack. Lemons are known to rev up the process of thermogenesis and might be the answer to your low metabolism issues!


Papayas have dramatic effects on your metabolism. They help in the fat burning process and also help in detoxification of your gut. It is a known laxative, has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits as well as anticarcinogens. This fruit will also aid your skin and heart-related issues and fight the signs of ageing.


Pomegranates are considered an important fruit for treating metabolic syndrome. They are full of lycopene and rich antioxidants which help fight the signs of ageing, treat iron deficiency, lower cholesterol, increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, strawberries, bilberries, acai berries, cranberries and grapes, all of these fruits are extremely rich in antioxidants and are very fibrous. They help reduce cholesterol, sugar level in the blood, blood pressure while improving cardiovascular health. Start adding some of them in your snacks or make your breakfast my instagrammable with this healthy addition.


Peaches contain antioxidants and many flavonoids such as catechins which help to rev up metabolism. Pears and peaches are extremely fibrous and have low-calorie content while still having numerous vitamins as well as minerals. Add them to your regular diet to reap all the benefits of the monsoon season!

I don’t see any reason to avoid reaping such mind-boggling benefits of these tasty fruits!

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