5 Easy Recipes For Curing Hangovers At Home

A night of excessive drinking bout, without keeping oneself hydrated leads to a bad hangover the next day. Drinking on an empty stomach or over the top is an invitation for a deadly hangover

Hangover is a condition in which due to heavy drinking the body gets dehydrated and loses vital minerals and antioxidants to keep it balanced and functioning properly. Symptoms of a hangover are unpleasant conditions like nausea, dizziness, stomach upset, blurred vision due to light sensitivity, headache and general uneasiness. Dehydration is a very common cause because alcohol tends to deplete the body of water and minerals. So it also causes fatigue.

The hangover has been there since time immemorable and man has tried to find various cures for it. But there is no magic pill found till now but limiting your alcohol consumption is the best way. Withdrawal of alcohol from the body makes one disoriented and causes discomfort.

Common folklore floating around is having a glass of pickle juice or rubbing a lemon in one’s armpit before drinking will prevent a hangover. Protein-rich breakfasts and watermelons which contain fructose also help in flushing out the alcohol.

Here are 5 Food recipes that help in curing a hangover:

 1. Curd Rice

Curd Rice

The curd is a very effective element in cleaning all the acid built up in the stomach because of alcohol. And rice provides support to the system. Recipe for curd rice.

250gms-curd or yoghurt
250gms-white rice which is cooked over a bit
Green chillies chopped
Ginger chopped
Cilantro chopped finely
Salt to taste
Ingredients for tempering;
½ tsp mustard seeds
3-4 curry leaves
A pinch of asafoetida


Mix yoghurt, cilantro, green chillies, ginger, salt to the overcooked white rice and gently roll it together. Heat oil for tempering and when it comes to almost smoking point add the mustard seeds. When the seeds start spluttering add curry leaves and asafetida and take it off the burner and pour it over the rice mixture. Leave it to cool off a bit and is ready to eat as a cure for the hangover.

2. Lemon Green Tea/Lime Juice:

Lemon Green Tea

This is also a very effective method for curing a hangover. The properties of lemon help in absorbing and incorporating the alcohol and provides relief in case of a deadly hangover. It can be drunk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or even if you have an upset stomach. The recipe is as follows:

1 cup of water
1 green tea bag
1 lemon
1 tsp honey

Bring the water to a boil and take it off the burner. Dip a bag of green tea in it and swish it around a little bit. Take it out and add a juice of 1 lemon and 1 tsp of honey in it and is ready to have. The lemon juice maintains the ph balance and loaded with vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, calcium it helps to hydrate and restore vitality during a hangover.

3. Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Alcohol drains your body of water and vital chemicals. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and minerals which helps in restoring the internal balance and hydrating the body as well. The recipe for coconut water-

1 tender coconut/any raw coconut
1 tsp lime juice
1tsp honey

Pour coconut water into a glass, add lemon juice and honey. Stir it and have it immediately. It improves the immunity and acid content after a night of hard boozing.

4. Banana Smoothie

banana Smoothie

2 bananas chopped
1 tbsp of honey
250 litre of milk

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer until it comes to a smooth consistency and pour it in a glass and is ready to drink. This concoction has the perfect balance of a lot of minerals and vitamins which is helpful in regaining energy. It has a soothing and calming effect on the stomach and cures hangover.

5. Orange Juice

Orange juice

Oranges contain vitamin C which prevents the body from losing glutathione (it is an antioxidant which helps in flushing out alcohol from the body)The honey increases the fructose level and makes it healthy.

4 Oranges
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp honey

Squeeze the oranges and add honey and lemon juice to it. Stir it well and drink.

Oranges contain vitamin C which prevents the body from losing glutathione (it is an antioxidant which helps in flushing out alcohol from the body)The honey increases the fructose level and makes it healthy.

These food recipes go a long way in curing a hangover after a hard night of partying and excessive boozing. They are healthy and increase the vitamins and mineral content in the body. They are hydrating and increase the body immune system.   

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