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Hi, Guys, I’m Kush and Back with my Food Rants. These will be a Series of Articles About the Different Food Cultures Techniques and Dishes I have Strong Feelings For.

Henceforward let’s Begin.
Surreptitiously watching Foreign cooking shows I noted something the other day. The world doesn’t identify the difference between Roti, Paratha, etc. Being born in India invariably makes Roti an integral part of my life. For all I the one know it is the Inner Desi in me speaking, but I virtually deem it disturbing that the world puts the great food group that is Roti under simple name Bread.

Roti ain’t Bread


We allow it. I say No More.

Mexico eagerly devours tortillas Which is Roti with essentially a Spanish name. Italy has Pasta which is once more nothing but Roti shaped differently and boiled. Delicious Pastries around the World are all Rotis with French names. We heathen Indians don’t appreciate the diverse variety of Rotis we have merely in our own country.

Guy making Naans

Every cultural region in India produces a novel interpretation of Roti. For notable examples, we have normal Roti with raw flour and water. But we moreover have the Paratha, the Puri, the Naan, and the Kulcha.

More so our States bear their own interpretation of Rotis. Punjab unimpeachably has different Parathas. Parathas are essentially shallow-fried Rotis. But we Indians have unexpectedly made them genuinely interesting. We have differently stuffed Parathas besides the normal crispy plain Paratha. Bengal oh the extraordinary state of foodies steadfastly maintains a marginally unorthodox approach to delicious foods.

Bengali Luchi
Big Wholesome Parathas

The Bengalis like their food deep fried. So the same promptly applies to their Rotis. Bengalis have Luchi which are deep fried fluffy beds of fragrant clouds. The Roti flour is kneaded with extra oil (reason for 80% Bengalis high cholesterol) and then deep fried. Now I hear the north Indians Shouting ‘ These are Puri. To them Yes, Most part of India calls this delicacies Puri but in Bengal, they are popularly called Luchi and I sincerely appreciate my Bengali.

Bengali Phulko Luchi
Bengali Phulko Luchi

Now Karnataka faithfully delivers an interesting take on Roti altogether. They traditionally possess something popularly called Akki Roti. This is made out of rice flour, unlike the familiar wheat flour. Now I have come by the tidy fortune of tasting Akki Roti and I can willingly promise it is undoubtedly Bloody delicious. It is genuinely like a soft packet of gracious goodness in the eager mouth. It is little spongy but generously provides a spectacular taste.

Akki Roti Recipe - Spicy Gluten Free Rice Roti
Akki Roti Recipe – Spicy Gluten Free Rice Roti | Archana’s Kitchen

We all recognize the conquerors always influence a civilization. India has been ruled by hundreds of Rulers and similarly, they have undoubtedly represented a broad influence on our food. The Nizam of Hyderabad prominently displayed the charming picture of Kulcha (delicious variety of Roti) on his flag. Even the Great Nizam Loved his Roti.

Mouth savoring Kulchas
Mouth savoring Kulchas

We Indians today are all entrapped by the dazzling luster of ample Foreign food. Which is fine but the least we can do is stand up for our own. I visited a local village in Agra last year. I encountered a little girl not more than five or six Sitting by the fire rolling out perfectly round Rotis. I have undoubtedly seen international chefs with luminous Michelin stars falter while sluggishly rolling a Roti; they typically use cutters to discern the round shape. I should tell all you dear Readers that I am undoubtedly a foodie myself and also Love cooking. The exemplary way entrapped me she was rolling out circular Rotis. I bet if we measured we could score a perfect circle in each of her Rotis.

Round and round we go on a Roti
Round and round we go on a Roti

Earlier this Month I made my foray into rolling Rotis Yes, you surmised it right it was a disaster. I would display the rare picture of the one I carefully rolled, but I promptly burned it. Rigorously, It took me 3 weeks of daily rolling to get a roundish Roti. But that little girl was rolling perfect circles each opportune time.

We should sincerely appreciate the sterling work that goes into laboriously making single Roti. Our Mothers have been faithfully serving us round Rotis for our entire lives and we have been eagerly devouring them without a second thought. But I bet none of us have ever stopped to wonder How is it that this beautiful staple is made or how much conscious effort it demands.

Earlier making a perfect Roti was the final test in Indian cooking. But today it is precisely a dying art. It took 3 weeks of burning Rotis and a little girl to bring me this realization. I’m not commanding you to boycott foreign food. God knows I fondly Love my noodles. I am merely asking you all to, keenly appreciate Roti. It is like the humblest thing on your loaded plate. But without it, the delicious food would be incomplete.

So finally guys #MakeRotiGreatAgain. Don’t forget it is the Roti that traditionally commences the elaborate meal.

Dude Perfect Roti Maker
Dude Perfect Roti Maker

Now to all my reader’s Thanks. If you appreciated my Rant please Comment Below your Thoughts and Ideas on Other Topics I should explore. Share this So we can #MakeRotiGreatAgain. We Foodies should stay together.

Keep Living. #EnjoyFood. Ciao.

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