5 Reason Why Pubg is Competitive than Fortnite


Player’s unknown Battle Ground also known as Pubg has taken over the gaming community ever since it was released in May 2017.  The game was widely appreciated for its style of play as well as battle royal genre. When the game was initially launched, it got popular among many streamers who wanted to give their first impression and switched from games such as H1Z1 to overwatch, and even CSGO. Even though Pubg made a new record for its highest player base in 2017, but soon by the end of 2017, Epic Game’s Fortnite had taken over the world by a storm.Pubg

However, Majority of gamers come under two categories: first are those who play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and others who swear by Fortnite! The divide between the two camps is further widened by the fact that celebrities have endorsed Fortnite. The ‘commoners’ believe that they have an upper hand as PUBG was the first game to hit the market and they accuse Fortnite of stealing ideas from PUBG. Meanwhile, setting aside certain obvious similarities, both the games are wildly different from each other.

Today we want to change the protagonist of the equation and we bring you a series of reasons why the PUBG is a step or two above the Epic Games game. Before launching with the reasons, it is necessary to make clear that they are two games that, despite sharing style, have totally different mechanics and ways of playing. Debate on which is better than whom will go on but I’ personally prefer playing Pubg which over fortnite and I’ll give 5 major reasons on why Pubg is Still fun over Fortnite today!

1. Realistic Game Mechanics

Realistic gameplay

This feature is not explained in relation to the graphics of the game. Obviously, Fortnite is much more oriented to look for the best visual experience possible and has much more animated and unrealistic graphics. However, the mechanics of the game and especially the combat interactions are one step behind PUBG. What we mean is that in Fortnite you can jump long distances without any problems or the bullet fall is very little or nonexistent. This, in a combat situation, can harm the most experienced player in shooters since it tends to calculate certain aspects or situations that in this game are totally different from what we can find in other titles. When it comes to graphics, Pubg has a more realistic gaming experience it comes the game’s texture and environment.

2. Accurate Shooting And Aim


The PUBG has a maxim above all. The aim is the key. When you aim with a weapon you not only have to place the peephole at the correct point, but you need to take into account the bullet fall, the opponent’s movement etc. From the company, they have tried to equip each weapon with the greatest possible realism. For that reason, each weapon is so peculiar and carrying an M16 to a SCAR-L completely changes your way of aiming and firing. In addition, the balance between weapons is much greater. While Fortnite exists legendary weapons and other classes, in PUBG the weapons all have the same level. This means that it reduces the importance of the weapons you can find sense in the Fortnite you not only have to have luck with the weapon but also with the class.

3. Competitive & Strategic

Accurate Shooting - Pubg

Something that cannot be denied is that the PUBG is a much more tactical game than the Fortnite. Maybe we are facing the biggest difference between both titles. However, in addition to being a difference, it is also a point that favours the Bluehole game. It is true that this point can be related to the previous one because of the randomness of the bullets … But this time, the idea is more focused on the final moments of the game or how to face an adversary. At PUBG, positioning, strategy, visibility is fundamental. First come to the point to get a high area, to stand behind a tree… However, in Fortnite that is not so important because with the ability to destroy everything and to build can destroy all the strategy of the opponent with a simple grenade.

4. Action-Packed Gameplay

Both PUBG and Fortnite follow the similar ‘survival of the fittest’ mantra, but things are a little complicated in Fortnite. PUBG, in comparison, is simpler with straightforward gun-fights. Fortnite gives its players room to plan and play imaginatively. Both the game has its own meta, which requires a different strategy deal with intense situation situations. PUBG gives you the room of playing a ‘wait’ and ‘watch’ game, whereas Fornite is much more faster in terms of gameplay as it involves shooting as well building to take cover and protect yourself from the enemies. When it comes gameplay, single classic matchmaking in solo or squad in Pubg takes around about 30-35 mins depending upon the match, whereas a single game in Fortnite last around 20-25mins which is quite fast and intensive for battle royale genre.

5. Cross-Platform

Cross platform

PUBG, as well as Fortnite, are available on PC. Fortnite is available on all the platform that is Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation and as well as on Nintendo. However, Pubg has limited reach if compared with Fortnite. Till now, Pubg was only available on Pc and mobile, but recently launched their version for PS4 and Xbox. When it comes to cross-platform support, pubg doesn’t support cross-platform whereas, fortnite has cross-platform support for all the players playing on a different platform.

6. Dynamic Weather and Maps

Fortnite and Pubg give players, allows to go around the map quickly in different ways. However, Pubg keeps it keeps with the theme by placing cars and motorcycles around the map. All the spawned vehicles can explode upon taking to much damage and run out of gas after it covers long distances. Even though, there are vehicles like golf carts, Planes, quad bikes as spawned vehicles in fortnite but its not quite realistic as compared to Pubg.

Fornite Map

Furthermore, Fornite also has various options like to change your position such as like jump pads and launch pads where you can launch the character into the air to glide their way across the map. Till now, Fortnite has just one map which has changed depending upon the theme of the season. Whereas, PUBG has offered a variety of map based on a player’s playing style. As of now, Pubg has 4 official maps for playing competitive tournaments, which comes with dynamic weather environments such as snow, storm&thunder, Sunny, Foggy and even day & night conditions! Following are the list of  Pubg’s map:

  • Erangel


PUBG erangelIt is the first map of the PUBG. The map is laid out on an 8km X 8km grid. It is four times larger than Sanhok map. There are no exclusive weapons except SCAR-L assault rifle available on Erangel.

  • Miramar


Miramar is the second map released by the company. Like Erangel this map is also laid out on an 8km X 8km grid. Whereas talking weapons, only Win94 sniper rifle is available in the map.

  • Sanhok

pubg sanhok

Sanhok map is four times smaller compared to other maps. It is laid out on a 4km X 4km grid. It was specially designed for the players to encounter a faster pace on the map. The map has got a couple of exclusive weapons namely, QBZ 95 assault rifle and QBU88 designated marksman rifle.

  • Vikendi

PUBG Vikendi

The latest map released is Vikendi. The map is laid out on a 6km X 6km grid. It is a snow map and really challenging.

The maps in PUBG are based almost on real-life settings.

you must be with the question  “which game is better – Fortnite or PUBG”? both of the games are great and free but both have different battle royale experiences. However, Fornite is lighter in terms of graphics and doesn’t require high-end pc to run the game smoothly. These are the reasons why you will find PUBG better over Fortnite. Though they don’t have many differences PUBG has gained a lot of popularity among gamers


Saurabh Kashyup
Aditya Dhir


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