Augmented Reality: The new trend of the gaming industry


AR or Augmented reality is a combination of visual and audio content in a game. It offers a real-time experience to the user. The use of AR in the games creates an artificial atmosphere. It is somehow similar to virtual reality. By mixing the real and virtual world, AR offers an experience in which the players feel as if they are interacting with the gaming environment. AR in the games uses the existing surrounding and creates a playing atmosphere. It is why AR games are Gaming Industry Trends Of 2020.

The use of AR technology in the gaming industry growth provides an interactive experience. It offers you a real-world environment where the objects residing are augmented. This revolutionary technology made an impeccable impact on the gaming industry. It has rapidly changed the way of playing games. If you are curious about AR games, there are five reasons AR is the new trend in the gaming industry.

Fills the gap

Fills the gap

Augmented reality fills all those gaps between the user and the developer. The AR technology has expanded far beyond face filters. It includes all the advanced features that make a game extremely addictive. As a result, this motivates the developers to enhance their skills and come with more realistic games. The rapid growth of AR technology games has extended the overall gaming market as well.

Appealing games

Appealing games

Augmented reality in the games creates a realistic experience for the users. AR in games allows them to feel as if they are interacting with the digital world. AR offers a digital improvement to provide you with existing real-life surroundings. It drives the attention of millions of obsessive users.  

Offers you better consoles

Finding an advanced gaming console is a tedious task. It is a lot more troublesome than you think. But the augmented reality in the gaming market has brought new opportunities for developers. It provides them an opportunity to develop immersive games with new technologies. The development of AR games has forced the industries to come up with better consoles. These consoles include all advanced features to offer an immersive gaming experience.

Replaces traditional games

Replaces traditional games

Augmented reality creates numerous possibilities in gaming. Considering the recent gaming industry trends, AR enhances the working of various enterprises. It offers them various benefits. AR in the gaming industry replaces the traditional gaming consoles with advanced ones. It opens the chances of introducing new innovations in games. With advanced consoles, the developers come up with games that offer an immersive experience.

Top Ten Trending AR Games in 2020

There is a number of trending AR games that will completely immerse you in it. The exciting atmosphere that the AR games have the potential to create drives the interests of gaming enthusiasts. Here are the top ten trending AR games of 2020.

1. Brickscape

Brickscape is designed for individuals who enjoy solving the puzzles. It is a short puzzle game that can work up and activate your brain as you start solving it. All you need to do is move the bricks and bring out the core brick. Although it may sound easy, it requires a sharp brain to win the AR game.

2. Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters World is another popular AR game that is trending everywhere in 2020. It allows you to make use of your smartphone to visualize the ghosts in the real world scenario. It uses the mapping technology of Google and enables the players to spot and bust the ghosts in the real world.

3. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime
Developed and published by Niantic, Ingress Prime is a popular AR mobile game for iOS and Android devices. This game makes use of the GPS of the mobile devices in order to locate as well as interact with the portals that are present in close proximity to the real-world location of the player.

4. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become a global sensation in the world of gaming. It enables the players to enjoy the world of Pokemon. In Pokemon Go, you have to discover and catch Pokemon wherever you go. In this AR game, you can make the Pokemon stronger, compete through battles, and earn exciting rewards.

5. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the latest addition to the list of AR games. It takes you to the magical world and makes it possible to interact with the wizarding world. The game fills you with magical potentials and allow you to discover various magical creatures and iconic characters from the series of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

6. Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is another popular name when it comes to the trending AR games in 2020. It offers the players an experience of moving physically in the battleground and getting involved in engaging actions. With the exciting features and environment of the game, it will provide you a highly immersive experience.

7. Egg, Inc

For the idle moments, Egg, Inc is a popular clicker game. Creating a highly profitable egg farm is the core goal of the player in the game. You need to hatch the chickens, build houses for the hen, hire the drivers, and then commission research in order to make the advanced egg farms.

8. Kings of Pool

Kings of Pool is an AR pool game that can provide you with a premier pool experience. It allows you to form a club and play the game with your skilled friends. With the leadership board, you can showcase your exceptional skill at the pool game and gain high rankings. You can also place big bets and win big.

9. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a highly immersive game that takes you on an adventurous run. Every run is a mission and puts you as the hero of a zombie adventure story. Whether you are walking, running, or jogging in the park, you can play the exciting AR game.

10. Walking Dead: Our World

Walking Dead: Our World is another top choice for the players of the AR games. It enables you to experience the fun and thrill of shooting the zombies. It is an AR game full of action as well as adventure. You can team up with friends and enjoy the game even more.

The future of gaming

Replaces traditional games

Every time the advancement in technology has been introduced, it has beaten all the estimates of the market. Coming up with reality is the most futuristic development. It seems like you are in the eventuality. AR is a ground-breaking technology that creates a whole new experience. Pokémon go an example of Augmented Reality Game that won the hearts of all the gamers. It came with a vision-based algorithm that offered exceptional clarity in object, graphics, and sound.

Augmented reality in games is one of the most successful technologies. It combines the digital world with the real world. It brings digital creation to life. Moreover, augmented reality contributes a lot towards increasing the computing capabilities of smartphones. The smartphone nowadays is providing a great experience by converting a battlefield into the real world. This makes AR games more accessible to the new audience.



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