5 Best Horror Games for Android and iOS | 2019

You may have played many mobile games which may be of adventure, action, strategy, arcade and many more. But if you have not played any horror games and searching for the best horror games then this is the right place. We have picked out 5 of the best horror games for android and ios devices. The craze of horror games have been there for decades but then it was in the computers, but in today’s time, the mobile device is now becoming the most preferred device to do anything. So game developers realized it and have built the best horror games for you to play on your device and have an amazing horror experience.

1.Twisted Lands: shadow town

Twisted Lands: shadow town

The games are set in the shadow town where a husband and wife set out to uncover the hidden and horrifying truth. Your role is to help the husband and wife to solve the mystery object puzzle, failed to solve it cost you your life. So to be in the game you will have to solve the object puzzle before perils kill you. You will have to explore all the locations to get hidden clues which will lead you to the horrifying truth.

Twisted Lands: shadow town is the best object puzzle-solving horror game. The game follows in the scary shadow town where you will be teleported to different locations to find the hidden object clues. There are around 80 locations in the game. The environment and music which match the graphics perfectly. The game will give you the true feeling of horror adventure.

Twisted Lands: shadow town is perfectly built for Android smartphones. You can download the game from google play store

2.The abandoned school

Abandoned school

In the abandoned school game you will be playing the role of a schoolboy who explores his school Due to the suspicious deaths of his brother and girlfriend to know the reason behind their deaths. You will have to solve the puzzles to uncover the truth. You can interact with an object and sometime you will see the flashback memories of the school. As you keep on playing this game it becomes scarier and creepy. You will find many horrifying objects and may encounter spirits if you try to explore the classroom and corridors. The game’s visuals are black and white. You may get scared if you will play using headphones because the creepy music and graphic seems so realistic which can give you goosebumps.

The game is available on the Play store as well on iTunes.

3.Five Nights At Freddy’s

Five night's at Freddy

Five nights at Freddy’s game has created the scariest reputation in the categories of horror games. The game is set in a friendly pizza parlour where you will be playing the role of one of the casts of entertainers of the pizza parlour. The real game starts in the evening where they have a different life purpose. They play the character of a security guard who has to survive to see another day. When the sun will set there will appear a metal monster who is constantly trying to kill you. you have limited powers to survive to get the paycheck.

The game is enough to make you jump out of your place. After playing the game for a few minutes is all to know why it is reputed as the scariest game. The game has come in many sequels and each one of them explains the story more deeply. So it is recommended to start with the first version.

The game is available on the iTunes and play store.

4.Year Walk

A year walk

Year walk is now like any other horror games. It is based on the Swedish folk custom called “ Arsgang”. In the Ars gang folk custom, a person walks to church at night and there will appear a supernatural test which if he passed then he can get a glimpse of the future. The scariest thing in the game is not like you will face ghost or monster instead here you will feel creepy due to the solitude silence and creepy landscapes and the discoveries you will make.

Year Walk is the creepy game sets in Swedish winters which you have ever played. it is completely different from any horror game you have played. the suffocating silence and creepy object you will see will keep you glued and will constantly questioning until the end. Year walk seems so real and gives an amazing creepy adventure.

The game is available for ios devices in iTunes.

5.Night Terrors: Bloody Mary

Night terror - bloody mary

The game is made with the augmented reality which provides a realistic experience of horror in your surroundings. All the scariest things will be seen in your room which will haunt you for weeks. Ghost can be seen walking through the walls or slowly coming towards you can be experienced with help of your iPhone cameras and you will be given the task to explore your room with just your iPhone’s camera and flashlight. The night terrors: bloody mary is all you need for experience horror present in your room and after that, you will never see anything in the house the same way before. The graphic is so real that you will jump suddenly screaming in the dark room. Just like in the horror movies you will see sudden jumps of supernatural beings which is enough to give you the creepy and scary experience.

The game is only available for Android.

All the games mentioned here are the best and most reputable game who have gained the player’s interest and have to provide amazing horror experience. These games should only play who has a good interest in the supernatural activity and would like to get some horror experience. So here were our 5 best horror games for android and ios.

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