Top 7 Immersive Headsets for Long Gaming Sessions

With a host of innovations, a lot of people are making careers using the online medium, such as writers, musicians, and gamers. If you are an avid gamer who is looking to upscale his gaming arsenal, this is the right place for you.

Top 7 Immersive Headsets for Longer Gaming Sessions

Whether you are looking to let off steam or engage in competitive gaming, today’s high-end gaming components sort you out either way. So, pump up your gaming sessions by using some of the most immersive Headsets.

Ant Esports H520W Gaming Headsets

This gaming headset from Ant Esports ensures crystal-clear sound emission with ultra-low distortion. It is embedded with a high-sensitivity microphone that picks up even the most intricate of sounds for an immersive experience. The headsets comprises ear cushions wrapped in synthetic leather that delivers enhanced bass and high-quality noise isolation.


  • The high-sensitivity microphone picks up intricate sounds for an immersive experience
  • Synthetic leather ear cushions render high-quality bass response
  • The flip-up design offers added convenience
  • The versatile connector is suitable for Xbox One, PS4, PCs, and others


  • Non-adjustable design affects comfort and convenience while gaming
  • Includes a 2.4m long cable that makes the device susceptible to damage, as well as makes it inconvenient to store and carry

Mad Catz Stereo Gaming Headsets

Elevate and enliven your gaming sessions with captivating sounds from the HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headsets. Available at INR 2345, it is intricately engineered with 40mm drivers and neodymium magnets for an immersive experience. Padded and swivel earcups, along with the adjustable headrail, render hours of comfortable use.


  • Padded and swivel earcups provide optimum convenience
  • 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets render superior quality sound
  • Adjustable and removable microphone can be put away when not in use
  • Compatible with various platforms such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo BDS, Windows and Mac, among others


  • Should be kept away from liquids and beverages to protect against spillage

Logitech G331 Gaming Headsets

Available at INR 4595, the Logitech G331 headphones are embedded with enlarged Pro-G 50mm drivers for an immersive headsets experience. Its 90-degree lay-flat design ensures extended hours of comfortable gaming. What makes this one a cut-above-the-rest is its multi-platform compatibility.  


  • Flip-up design enables the microphone to be folded up when not in use
  • 50mm audio drivers emanate superior quality sound
  • Lightweight leatherette headband and earcups minimise pressure to the ears
  • Earcups are rotatable up to 90 degrees for optimum comfort


  • Should be kept away from liquids to prevent damage from spillage
  • Relatively expensive compared to other cheaper options

JBL E65BT Bluetooth Gaming Headphone

Available at INR 6,999, the JBL E65BT Gaming Headphone is embedded with Active Noise Cancellation function that radiates superior sound for an immersive experience. As a distinctive feature, It is compliant with the Google Now and Siri virtual voice assistants for hands-free functionality. Its soft headband and angled ear cushions ensure comfort.


  • Embedded with Siri and Google Now activation buttons for hands-free functionality
  • Offers up to 15-hour battery life with both Bluetooth and ANC on
  • Active Noise cancellation feature radiates crystal-clear and superior quality sound
  • Soft headband and angled ear cushions offer a comfortable fit


  • Should be kept away from liquids to protect damage caused due to spillage
  • Relatively expensive compared to other cheaper options

Cosmic Byte GS410 Gaming Headphones

Now enjoy captivating sound effects while gaming by using the incredibly functional Cosmic Byte GS410 gaming headphone. Available at INR 1099, it is crafted to provide sought-after convenience. It consists of a flexible and high-sensitivity microphone that can be positioned for optimum convenience. Also, it picks up even the most intricate of sounds and for an immersive experience.


  • Flexible microphone can be positioned for optimum convenience
  • High-sensitivity microphone renders an immersive experience
  • Headpad and earpads have a soft cushion that minimises irritation and discomfort to your ears
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android phones, laptops, PS4, and Xbox platforms


  • 2.1 long cable requires proximity to ports and sockets
  • Should be kept away from liquids to prevent damage caused by spillage

JBL Quantum 400 Over-Ear Gaming Headset

Available at INR 7999, the JBL Quantum 400 Hybrid Gaming Headsets is an excellent way of upscaling your gaming sessions. What sets this one apart from the standard headphones is the separate sound cards for gaming and chat audio. Another distinctive feature is the Flip-up Voice focus directional boom microphone that can be positioned where you like it for optimum convenience.


  • Embedded with separate sound cards for gaming and chat audio
  • Flip-up and directional boom microphone is positionable for optimum convenience
  • Versatile design makes it ideal for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Mobile, Mac and VR
  • Headband is designed with a memory cushion for a snug and secure fit


  • For optimum safety and functionality, it should be kept away from liquids and beverages

EKSA Over-Ear Gaming Headphones

Available at INR 2199, the Eksa Over-Ear Gaming Headphones are embedded with advanced 40mm drivers that are ideal for games such as PUBG, Call of Duty, and Metal Gear Solid, among others. It consists of adjustable and rotatable earmuffs for optimum comfort. Moreover, its multi-compatibility aspect makes it suitable for PS4, Xbox, Mac, Windows XP, Vista, as well as mobile phones and tablets.


  • Advanced 40mm drivers make it ideal for games such as PUBG and Call of Duty
  • Adjustable and rotatable earmuffs render hours of comfortable wear
  • Compatible with Xbox, PS4, Mac, Windows XP, phones, tablets, and other devices


  • Wired connectivity requires proximity to ports and sockets
  • Should be kept away from liquids to protect against spillage

Final Comments

The booming online gaming industry has led to rising demand for gaming accessories such as headsets. New-age headsets consist of impressive features that render superior quality sound and help to pump up your gaming sessions. While the above list is not inclusive, it is an excellent starting point.

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