How to Livestream Games on YouTube from any Device


YouTube is one of the biggest platforms where you can display your amazing gaming skills in front of live audience, friends and family. further, It doesn’t matter which game you play whether its complete game walkthroughs or just a normal online game, all you need to know is the right software to stream your game. Livestream on PC or console is quite easy in comparison to streaming on the phone as there is only limited software available on the store to stream games. So, if you play competitive multiplayer games such PUBG mobile or Fortnite and you are wondering how you can stream it live on YouTube, well we have got you covered. We have rounded some of the best apps that you can use to Livestream Pubg on YouTube.

1. Streamlab

Streamlab is one of most downloaded free streaming tool available on the Android platform. Streamlab allows you to easily Livestream or broadcast any games that you wish to play.  Streamlabs best feature is that it directly links your account to Youtube or twitch, allowing you to directly Livestream with a single click of a button. it allows you to stream from anywhere from your mobile, whether you are playing Pubg at home or a friend’s place. Further, Streamlab also has a widget for engaging with your fans or a live audience. Streamlab allows streaming not just from your camera, but also from your mobile’s screen as well.

Top features:

  • Includes widgets for notification, donations or recent event
  • Chat box to interacts with your fans
  • Easy to Use.
  • Links all the accounts at a single place.
  • Also available on IOS and Android.

2. Streamcraft

Streamcraft is the most popular streaming platform for Android devices. Its the most rewarding platform for the viewers as well as content creators to who are into games such as Pubg Mobile, fortnite mobile, the clash of clans, Mobile legends and many more. The App is simple to use, all you need to do is to create an account and start streaming. Streamcraft also allows you to publish you short clips of insane trickshot or clutches for your fans to see it later.

Top features:

  • Compatible with almost every game.
  • Easy to plug in and start streaming.
  • Includes Chatbox to interact with your fans.
  • Also available on IOS and Android

3. Twitch

Twitch is one of the biggest gaming platforms for live streaming games and much more. Twitch has a huge community where you can upload your content as a content creator and get much more views. Twitch also allows you to watch your favourite streamer on the platform. On Twitch is can also live hardcore games such as CSGO, FIFA 19, PUBG, Fornite even for MMO RPG games. Twitch app is compatible across all the platform such as PS4, PC, Xbox One and Even Nintendo switch. Twitch allows you to connect a million gaming communities playing MOBA or FPS games.

Top features:

  • Watch unique Livestream ranging from art videos, Esports events to music.
  • Allows you to connect to your favorite gaming community.
  • Interactive chat feature
  • Receive Donation, View other streamers and much more
  • Also available on IOS and Android

4. Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is another premier platform for having an amazing streaming experience. Omlet arcade is simple to use broadcasting platform especially for mobile devices allowing you to live stream games such as Pubg Mobile, Minecraft, Roblox and more. With Omelette Arcade you can directly connect your stream to Facebook, youtube and even twitch.

Top features:

  • Customized Streaming HUD
  • Squad Streaming.
  • In-game Voice Chat.
  • In-app Currency and Donations.
  • Also available on IOS and Android

5. Youtube Gaming

Youtube has given a bigger platform to all content creators to display their talents and skills to the whole world under one platform. Youtube decided to take on gaming, providing one separate platform to all the gamers out there, allowing to live broadcast their games and interact with their fans all around the world. YouTube’s gaming platform has over 100 million communities allowing you to share your unique gaming content across various other platforms. Youtube gaming has a unique interface with all black theme interface.

Top features:

  • Designed for gamers.
  • Tune in to live streams of your favorite events.
  • In-game donations and Chatbox.
  • Also available on IOS and Android


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