The future trends in mobile games: ‘hyper-casual’ is leading


Confused about the name? As the name suggests, Hyper-Casual Games are extremely lightweight games. These games use easy mechanics that offer you instantaneous gameplay. You must be seeing many games these days that shows “tap to play.” Those are the Hyper-Casual Games Of 2020. These games are on the top of the list these days. Whether you have five minutes or five hours of screen time, hyper-casual games fill all those gaps. It makes your day filled with amusement. 

The reason behind the rage

Understanding Hyper-casual games?

An essential reason that makes the game chartbuster is simplicity. Not just they are instantly playable, but they are also infinitely replay-able. It makes them the Trending Mobile Games Of 2020. The unusual combination of simplicity and easy UI makes it a highly addictive game. Hyper casual games are more than casual games; users can instantly tap into play and get hooked.

History of hyper-casual games

It is reasonably arguable that video games from earlier past were hyper-casual. Games like space travel almost met the criteria of hyper-casual games. They were simple to master and play. But sadly, computer and video game consoles were rare those days. They were highly expensive, and people could hardly afford it. This made these games a real challenge. However, today people are carrying one of the most accessible gaming consoles in their pockets. Yes, you heard it right! Mobiles are the most potent gaming consoles. You can easily break out your device for hyper-casual games. 

The mechanics that make hyper-casual games trend!

If these games are easy to play, then what makes these games trend? The games that are easy to learn will never offer you user-engagement. But hyper-casual games are pretty distinct. Despite the comfort of use, hyper-casual games are extremely difficult to master. It is what keeps the users motivated. As the level increases in-game, users can find it more comfortable. Mechanics used in these games makes it more challenging to play.

While most of the games utilize much mobile hardware to manipulate, the hyper-casual games stick to one aspect. It uses the screens of your mobiles only. The use of screen mechanics makes it the most hyper-active game today.

Some popular screen mechanics that make these games trends are:

Timing mechanics

Timing mechanics

Timing mechanics are those mechanics that limit your time to make a move. It is the speed of the game that determines the difficulty of playing. It keeps you hooked up in the game. For example, a ball moving increasingly faster with every level makes it more challenging. The player must pay attention to the speed of the ball and match the speed. The use of timing mechanics also makes gameplay short. 


It is that mechanic that makes you act fast. The agility mechanic in a game helps the user to stay focused. It increases user engagement. The best example of agility is the snake game, where the agility becomes essential when the level increases. It increases the challenge to master.

Puzzle mechanics

Puzzle mechanics

The puzzle mechanics in hyper-casual games is responsible for 60% of in-app purchases. The puzzle is also one of the popular genres of the app stores. The game that includes puzzle mechanics offers you a mental challenge. 

Merge mechanics

Merge mechanics are usually the mechanics that offer you to swap a row or a column to achieve the goal. Candy crush saga is the most famous game that includes merging mechanics. These mechanics make the game simple and addictive.

Social mechanics

It is one of the most powerful mechanics of hyper-casual games. Social networking platforms like Facebook have brought these games to new audiences. Each user can simply tap to play when they have time.

Swerve mechanics

The swerve mechanic in the Trending Mobile Games Of 2020 challenges the players to move on a single track. Users have to find their way through oncoming hazards. The narrow roadway in games like temple run is a perfect example of swerving mechanics.

Recent growth in technology has made Hyper-casual games popular in mass-audience. The next, when you are on a long trip, take a break and try one of these hyper-casual games. You can find out the reason behind the trend.

Top 10 trending Hyper Casual games and its specialties

Hyper-casual games are indeed the most loved way of enjoying free time in modern times. With plenty of options available, it might get confusing sometimes to pick the best one. To make it simpler, provided below are 10 most trending and best options.


This is a pretty simple and fun-packed game with 32 levels, and around hundreds of challenges to finish. It’s a simple game where one just needs to gather diamonds dispersed on the way. More diamonds, one gets more points.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

It’s a fine pick for those who love music-based games. The game is pretty simple and challenging, where one has to ensure about landing the ball on the tile, not sparing any that matches the sync.

BLUK – Physics Jump Adventure

This is considered among the most buzzed hyper-casual games that can be obtained through Play Store. It’s quite easy that can be smoothly enjoyed by all those well versed with the Angry Birds games. 


Those who love puzzle games over others can find ‘Fit’ a great option. It can be downloaded through Play Store. One simply has to click the display to thoroughly fit the shape within the below base. 


Twist is quite simple, where one needs to put a tap on display, ensuring the ball doesn’t fall outside the tiles. It has already been downloaded 10 million times.

One More Line

One More Line is another hugely popular hyper-casual games having more than 5 million downloads through Play Store. One simply needs to press and hold the display to handle over the pivots while proceeding and smashing into the boundaries.


Okay is an engaging and super fun game that can be easily downloaded over the Play store. It is a perfect blend of simplicity and challenge. Here one needs to slingshot the ball, ensuring it clears tiles over the display.


Rise is an amazing game where one simply has to stop falling things to touch main objects at the extreme low of the screen through a circular shield. It is quite easy and user-friendly.


This is perhaps the simplest of all hyper-casual games that are so much popular. All that a user needs to do here is to ensure that the black objects are not touched upon. There is a huge fan base of the game,


Whooping 5 million downloads clearly state about the popularity of the game, which can be easily downloaded through Playstore. All that a user needs here is to simply click on display, ensuring the yellow section jumps over the huddles coming on its way.

The game has over 5 million downloads on the Play Store and is also one of the most beautifully designed hyper-casual games currently available. You need to simply tap on the screen to make the yellow block jump over any obstacles that come in the way.


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