Top 5 Tips for PUBG FPP Mode: PUBG Night Mode Photos

The PUBG’s Gaming community has been growing at a rapid pace day-by-day. The game offers a realistic gameplay experience which makes PUBG the best game in action genre. Recently, PUBG FPP Mode was launched and it enabled users to battle it out in First Person’s Perspective Mode. Earlier to that it was the TPP Mode which I still prefer but the FPP Mode has its own advantages. To become a killing machine in the FPP Mode, all you need to do is get hands on a few things which I’ll be mentioning below.

Although FPP gives more immersive and intense experience, the overall gameplay is slightly different. So, let me help you in understanding how you can become Ace in TPP mode in PUBG.

1. Eliminate footsteps sound by jumping around your target.

Like any other action game, your gameplay is highly dependent on sound. If you make a sound while you approach an enemy or any place in the safe zone, you end up giving your position to your enemies.

It’s easy to Bunny Hop in FPP Mode and all the Counter-Strike players will be familiar with this term. There’s no rocket science in this technique. All you need to do is move a bit and jump.

Mastering this technique and timing your bunny hop perfectly will deprive your enemies about your precise location around them.

2. You don’t really need the 360-degree view which you get in TPP Mode.

PUBG players might be aware of the ALT button which helps you to get a 360-degree view around you, but in FPP, you get only 180-degree view.

In FPP mode, the incapability of viewing surroundings in 360-degrees certainly increases your chances of being spotted by enemies. But on the other hand, it also makes it easier for you to spot enemies by leaning left or right using the Q and E Button.

So stay alert, Spot, Lean and Shoot!

3. Learn how to camp like a Pro inside the buildings: Pick and Kill!

The easiest way to earn Chicken Dinner is to Camp your way into the safe Zone. Camping in FPP is safer than what we have in the TPP. It eliminates the risk of being shot from awkward corners which is possible in TPP Mode.

You also need to shoot smartly from the buildings where you need to pick a spot in the middle of the room and move away from the window.

That’s the best practice to prevent your body from being spotted and it also shadows the flash and muzzle of your gun which makes it difficult for the enemy to spot you.

4. Aggressive Gameplay with quick shooting capabilities is a must!

It’s very difficult to survive in the FPP Mode if you are not the first one to fire a bullet in the encounter. You should have minimum reaction time and shower bullets as soon as you spot your enemy. It’s even more difficult to survive in the FPP in PUBG night mode.

To master FPP you need to play more aggressively. Get grenades, ride over enemies, intense firefights,  stun the enemies and hit a bullet straight through their head etc. In short play fearless!

Shooting enemies down is relatively easier in FPP than in TPP but you’ll have to practice it out in every mode.

5. How to technically improve your PUBG FPP Gameplay?

Yes, you read it right. After switching to FPP mode, you can manipulate the Field of view(FOV). You do get a 180-degree view on ALT but you can also adjust how much you want to view in front of you in your FOV Settings.

So, you can set suitable FOV which makes you comfortable to get rid of your enemies. Due to this one setting, I personally prefer the PUBG FPP Mode.

Thus I’d like to say that there are pros and cons of the FPP and TPP mode but both of them are equally easy and equally difficult. I hope you’d practice these tips and it would improve your PUBG FPP gameplay. Stay tuned for more tips & tricks on PUBG from our team!

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium

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