Why playing video games is a good thing? Pros of video gaming!


Video gaming is oftener than not a despised form of entertainment for a child. Caring parents do not want their children to remain hooked onto video gaming as it can destroy their career. But it is worth noting that while video games may have its cons, the pros are plenty and powerful too.

Let us dive right away into the advantages you will enjoy being a video gamer

1. One of the best ways to entertain yourself

I still remember when I was bedridden for a few days, video games became my best friends! Games made me forget that I was sick. They served me better than painkillers. Even if you are a depressed person, video games can serve as an escape to a world that you fantasize. 

You control the character the way you want and feel for that character. If you are into multiplayer, you enjoy gaming with people around the world. Falling back on video gaming at times of crisis is far better than resorting to drugs or relying on illegal activities to flush away your negative feelings. 

Yes, of course, there are other ways too where you can enjoy being a part of the fantasy. Reading books or watching movies are other things to talk about. 

For me, video games are more detailed than anything else because they let you take control of something in your own hands and let you roam about. This wouldn’t be possible in a movie or in a book.

2. Hand-eye coordination

Your body works best when your body parts are in harmony with each other. It is very much like a health issue where one part does not coordinate with the other. 

Video gaming is the most popular way to increase your hand-eye coordination. Military personnel can improve their skills in real life after playing a call of duty shooter or other shooting simulations. The same goes for a race driver or a pilot simulator game. 

Whatever the nature of the game is, you have to react quickly to what you see. This comes with good coordination between your hands and eyes. 

Multiplayer games are excellent ways to build strong bonding between your hands and eyes. 

3. Decision making

Video gamers are fast decision-makers. They will not take a lot of time trying to decide the best option for themselves. Even if they take a wrong turn, they try to make it right. This is what we actually need in real-life scenarios. 

In games, you will encounter choices between doors and decisions. Sometimes, you will feel lost in a video game and you need to solve a damn puzzle! This enhances your mind by forcing you to look for solutions as fast as possible. One door will lead to another building up the story progress. 

In a multiplayer game too, you need to be clever enough to decide which path to look out for or how to escape a particular area to regenerate your health. Horror games will catch your attention, increasing your heartbeats as you rummage through various pathways to run away from bizarre zombies. Want to be a fast decision-maker? Play video games!

4. Builds creativity

Creativity is underrated. Success requires creativity. Video gaming is an excellent artwork to cherish!

In this fast progressing world, technology changes every day. The game developers are able to design real-life simulations which would make you feel that you are really there! The graphical advancements are skyrocketing with the coming out of new hardware that was only an imagination a few years before. 

Horror games will scare you. Shooting games will put you in control of a soldier. Sports will excite you to no end. Action games RPG makes fantasies look real. 

What video games do is enhance your creativity when you look and feel the amazing work of art. You will face situations where you have to be creative enough to be successful in an area of a game. This is very much the same with our lives, right? 

Good games teach you that in order to win you have to be creative. One of the best ways to become a creative person is to play video games!

Everything in this world has its pros and cons. It depends on how you use the tool. You cannot blame the knife for killing a person. It can also cut vegetables for you to eat! 

Gaming over time will destroy your life. Anything done in excess is harmful. However, if you consume games healthily, you will become healthy. 


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