Essential Guide to Procedure of Abortion & Abortion Pills


Looking for help on the procedure of abortion and medicines related to it. You have reached the right place; here are the details about all the medication for abortion and the side effects caused. Here I will give you detailed information about the abortion process and the procedure followed. There is reportedly a number of abortions which is been done by the doctors on request. This might have many reasons like unplanned sex etc. But it is one of the complex activities that the doctor performs. As this is not a one-step process, it has multiple steps.

Women looking at the pregnancy test results

This requires the person to be present for check up or some other preliminary test post-abortion. There are some pre-conditions that need to be checked up before going for an abortion. There are certain periods until when abortion can be used. It is actually not an immediate action that can be effected instantly.

Process of Abortion

There are some set of medicines that has to be used in the process of abortion which can be found on online stores. Firstly, a couple of pill for the termination of pregnancy. Abortion Pills like Mifepristone will be normally used to achieve this. This basically helps in weakening the links between the pregnancy and the uterus. After the unlinking of the pregnancy to the uterus, there is another medication that will cause the cramps in the uterus.

Following this, the formation of bleeding will be observed. This will subsequently remove or dissolve the pregnancy. For completing this entire abortion process, Abortion Pills like Misoprostol will be used generally.

The period when abortion can be performed

Not all women can undergo an abortion. There are certain exceptions and conditions for this. Indeed this has to be confirmed by a medical practitioner. For women to undergo an abortion, she must first be confirmed as pregnant by a doctor. After this, the length of the pregnancy period has to be determined.

This length would normally be evaluated or calculated by the difference in the total number of days between the last date of the menstrual period and the current day. Once the duration has been confirmed, certain women can undergo an abortion. Again there are few limitations to it.

Abortion pill – Mechanism

As discussed, there is 2 set of medication that has to be performed for complete abortion. This would almost take any time beyond 6 weeks. The first medication for the termination of pregnancy will normally take the form of a pill. Usually, it is Mifepristone, which is taken in the form of an abortion pill. Progesterone is a hormone which is responsible for the sustenance of pregnancy in women.

Abortion Pills for Women

The pill starts its action just by stopping or blocking the hormone. In the absence of this hormone, there will usually a break down observed in the uterus. Subsequently, the opening of the uterus which is called as cervix gets softened up by this pill. After this, there will be the beginning of bleeding.

Now after a gap of 2 days, the next medication has to be consumed. This tablet usually completes the medication of abortion with some changes in the women felt. Misoprostol tablet is to be consumed as final medication to abortion. This tablet is usually placed into the vagina of the women or even sometimes swallowed. This will cause the uterus to contract and later it turns empty.

The Time period for completion and Side effects

The normal average time period for women to get fully aborted is around 2 to 4 weeks after the first medication completed. Hence it is almost a month for the whole process of the abortion to be completed on women.

There are few side effects that are observed in the women who got aborted as they are achieved using pills and other drugs. The majority of the side effects are caused by the Misoprostol tablet. The common side effects are headaches, nausea, fever, diarrhea, etc. The tablet is very quick in response and it takes only a few hours to feel its effect. This causes enormous pain with cramping along with bleeding.

The pain can vary between mild to severe. Hence, those who have undergone medication for abortion usually take some pain killers like Panadol, Nurofen. Even though the medication works fine in the majority of women, it does not work in very few people. Failure in abortion keeps the pregnancy to grow in the uterus. Hence in these entire situations, there will be a suction kind of procedure used in order to empty the uterus.

This will obviously complete the abortion. If the women decide to continue their pregnancy post medication. This can bring defects to the baby as an effect of the medication.


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