Habits to avoid for younger-looking skin

‘Ageing’- the word itself says outdated. It is like a nightmare that no one wants to become true. The ageing process differs from person to person. Some tend to age faster and some slowly get into this ageing web. But have you ever thought about why this happens?  Of course, we cannot do anything about the natural ageing process but we can do something about influential ways of ageing.

Influential ways of ageing include those habits which we follow willingly or unwillingly unaware of their side-effects. These habits include inappropriate lifestyle, unhealthy diet, surroundings and many more.

habits to avoid for younger looking skin

Here are some of the habits you must avoid having a healthy younger skin:


An irony of smoking is that a cigarette packet itself says’ Smoking is injurious to health’, still people smoke. Smoking not only affects your body parts but speed up the ageing process. It creates oxygen-deficient which make your skin pale and wrinkly.

quit smoking


Drinking makes your body vitamin A and C deficit leaving your skin dull and dehydrated. Also, it increases the passing of urine process which may also cause dehydration in the body that pulls your skin in ageing process faster.

quit drinking

Not having vegetable

Natural things are always healthy for your body. They have essential anti-oxidants that keep your skin look young and fresh for a longer period. Adding more veggies in your daily routine will keep your skin healthy and glowing leaving ageing process behind.



70% of the human body is water which gets out in the form of sweating, breathing digestion. It helps to regulate body temperature and maintain many other functions. Intake of less water may lead to dehydration which is not a good sign for your healthy skin. To rehydrate, drink more water and eat foods having good water content.


Having a sweet tooth

Excess intake of sweet breaks down the collagen in the skin leading to saggy and wrinkled skin. It also adds inches to your waistline. So always balance the intake of sweet products. It’s better to have fruits to carve your sugar cravings as they contain a natural form of sugar.


Lack of sleep

Sleeping is the time when our body gets re-energized and becomes ready to take the new challenges of life. Inappropriate sleep lacks concentration, make you feel and look dull. 7-8 hours of sound sleep is a must for every human body to healthy and happy.

lack of sleep

Exposure to harmful sun rays

Excessive exposure to sun rays can tan and damage your skin cells that can create skin problems like pigmentation, sagging of skin and wrinkles. Try avoiding going out when the sun is at its peak. Apply sunscreen and cover your body with some cloth before going out.

lack of sleep


Exercise is required to have smooth blood circulation and boost immunity system which in turn will give your skin a younger and fresh look. Any workout like a 30 minutes walks or running, swimming or dancing that makes you feel happy is best for you.


Skincare routine

Taking care of skin also helps in healthy skin. Keep your skin clean by washing it twice and after sweating. Apply a good quality moisturizer which will keep your skin nourished and look healthy. Applying home-made face packs also give your skin a smooth feel.



These habits are tried and tested remedies for healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin. Those who already have pre-mature skin ageing signs can also benefit from these healthy habits. You can also consult a dermatologist, in case your skin still bothers you. Following the treatment with the above mentioned healthy habits will yield great benefits.

Hope this article is of great help to you. Do write your comments and suggestions about how you found this write-up.

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