Nutrition And Its Importance In Child Development

What Is Nutrition…???Why Nutrition and Child Development??

Nutrition and child development

What you eat..??? Basically for Nutrition and Child Development, you take this word very literally, but it contains lots of meaning with lots of truth. The food you choose determines which nutrients your body will receive and in what quantities. It acts like a substance that allows your body to maintain the reproductive system, increase your growth, gives immunisation, keep diseases, etc. If you take high-nutrient food, your body can easily survive against any conditions, but taking light-nutrient food indicate lacking in nutrients. This article will provide an overview of nutrition, especially for children.

There are six essential nutrients that our body need very much, and they are-

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Mineral

What Is Malnutrition….???

But food means not only proteins, fats, vitamins, etc. but also much more. It’s a part of security, a civilisation that’s why the growing incidence of hunger and malnutrition has come to the forefront of the international corner, especially in India. Nutrition defined as “Pathological state resulting from a relative or absolute efficiency or excess of more essential nutrients.” It is a severe problem that the children under the age of 15 and for children below the age of 5 are the main victims of this.

The reasons are mostly ignorance, poverty, illiteracy, lack of knowledge regarding the nutritive values of food, large family size, etc.

The main nutritional problems are-

  • Low birth rate
  • Anaemia


Low birth rate:-

Nutrition and child development

An unhealthy mother has no chance to give birth to healthy babies, which indirectly means not a bright future for any country. The low birth rate prevented through of promotional of breastfeeding. He spacing of delivery, arrangement for proper nutritional food, immunisation, education of current feeding, etc.


Anaemia-Nutrition and child development

Adolescent girls in India mostly suffer from anaemia. They should be got proper nourishment so that they can bear an appropriate child with good health. Anaemia also increases the risk of maternal & child mortality.

How Does Nutrition Affect Child Development….???

During childhood, undernutrition may cause many developments in a child body, and they are-

  • Physical activity
  • Mental activity (Brain Development)
  • Behavioural & Social activity
  • Emotional event
  • Educational activity

Physical activity:-

Nutrition and child development

Being physically active may lead a child to live a better life with dynamic brain functions. It maintains proper growth, developed our body to stay healthy and diseases free.

Mental activity:-

mental development-Nutrition and child development

Mentally active children may live their life with energy and tension free. Proper nutrition helps to grow a brain with adequate brain functions.

Behavioural & Social activity:-

Nutrition and child development

It gives a positive impact on childhood to a younger age. Lack of nutrition indicates adverse effects on the lifestyle of children.

Emotional activity:-

Nutrition and child development

Some minerals, such as calcium helps to develop an emotional impact. Inadequate nutrients can pave the road to emotional or psychological development.

Educational activity:-

Nutrition and child development

If a child gets proper nutrition, then he/she can adequately attentive to their study. 36% of children can’t give attention to the poor diet, mediocre food, etc.

Economics of diet and Nutritions and : –

Nutritions defined as the science of food and its relationship to health. Food classified as following –

  • Classification by origin:-

    1. Foods of animal origin
    2. Grains of vegetable origin
  • Classification by chemical composition : –

    1. Protein
    2. 2Carbohydrate
    3. Fat
    4. Vitamin
    5. Mineral
  • Classification by functions : –

    1. Energy giving food. (Sugar and oil)
    2. Bodybuilding food. (Meat, Milk, and fish)
    3. Protective diet. (Fruits, Vegetables)
  • Classification by nutritive value : –

    1. Cereal
    2. Fruits
    3. Pulses
    4. Vegetables
    5. Animal food

Some Healthy Food Recipes For Children :-


It gives vitamin A, calcium, proteins that help our bones strong and developed our body


It provides mineral with a tremendous amount of calcium.


It gives an abundant amount of calcium with vitamins and proteins.


It gives protein, fat, vitamin, and calcium.


It gives proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, and fat.

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