How to get rid of Skin Dehydration? | tips for dehydrated skin.

Wondering why your skin feels itchy, dry, and stretchy all the time? How have dryness and dullness replaced natural radiance?

It is due to lack of skincare. Yes, your skin is craving for its nutrients that will help in bringing back its charm. This article will give you some amazing tips for dehydrated skin. Various factors like change in weather, busy schedule, laziness, etc. prevent us from taking care of this god’s gift which leaves our skin dull, dry, itchy that may sometimes lead to some skin problems.

So how to get rid of skin dehydration?

Here are some of the tips for dehydrated skin that you can add to your daily skincare routine that will keep your skin hydrated, preventing it from any skin problems.


The human body is 60% water. Access in this percentage will be extracted, but deficit can create problems. Consuming an adequate amount of water gives smooth, soft and glowing skin. We lose the right amount of water while sitting in an air-conditioned room, passing urine and perspiration, vomiting, etc. throughout the day leaving skin water deficit.

tips for dehydrated skin

Water is a natural detoxifier that keeps your skin glowing,  hydrated, nourished and healthy keeping it away from fine lines and wrinkles.  For a healthy body, it is preferred to drink 2 litres of water every day.


Moisturising plays a great role in keeping skin hydrated. They create a protective layer above your skin which protects it from stubborn dry spots and rough patches. It also prevents skin from dehydration. It is recommended moisturising your skin twice a day to keep it healthy and hydrated.

tips for dehydrated skin


It is recommended to wear sunscreen on an exposed area like hands, face, neck, forearms, legs, etc. before going out regardless of weather or season.  It prevents your skin from skin cancer, photo-ageing and prevents it from dehydration.

tips for dehydrated skin

It is a myth that sun exposure occurs only through sunlight. But it can occur through clouds, glass windows of our houses and cars. Choosing the appropriate sunscreen can prevent your skin from tanning, dullness, and dehydration.


It is recommended as the first step of daily skincare. A cleanser helps in removing dirt, sweat and other debris that are harmful to skin and allow the skin to repair, breathe and renew itself. It is also used as a makeup remover.

tips for dehydrated skin

Using appropriate cleanser can do wonders to your skin. For example- Gel cleansers are considered bets for oily and combination skin and cream cleansers are considered good for dry and sensitive skin and so on.


The quality and number of hours of sleep affect your skin’s health. During sleep, our body gets healed, restores and removes toxins from the skin. It is also found that during sleep, your body’s hydration level balances and recovers extra moisture.

tips for dehydrated skin

Lack of sleep also slows down our complexion’s PH level, which creates ph imbalance leading o dull and dehydrated skin. So one must never compromise on sleep.

Take vitamins:

If your skin does not respond properly to above daily regimes and still shows signs of dehydration, then it needs something extra. There are many supplements available in the market that can help the skin in sustaining hydration levels. Here are some of them:

tips for dehydrated skin

  1. Vitamin E– Vitamin E keeps your skin moisturised and act as inflammatory to relieve dryness, itchiness, redness of the skin. It can be taken orally or in some packs, creams, etc.
  2. Vitamin D– It has been noted that lack of especially vitamin D3 results in lower levels of moisture in the skin although it gets absorbed in the skin but required a proper amount to keep skin healthy and nourished.
  3. Zinc– It has many anti-inflammatory benefits supports immune-system and prevents skin problems like eczema that can cause dry, itchy and red skin as a result of skin dehydration.

Similarly, there is evening primrose oil, fish oil and many more supplements that prevents skin dehydration and keep your skin subtle and nourished.

Following the above remedies will surely leave your skin hydrated and healthy. So get ready for a groomed skin.

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