Yoga poses for weight loss for Beginners


The first word that reflects in your mind while listening to the word ‘yoga’ is meditation. It gives a sense of peace and calmness in the body.

Yoga is 5000yrs old practice and was believed to combine individual spirit with the universal one.  After flourishing in northern India, it gained its fame in the west in the 19th century.

yoga poses for weight loss for beginners

Today it is accepted as a best practice for health and relaxation. Having various physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and much more, this practice is believed to improve control of mind and body. It is proved that yoga not only strengthens your body but helps in many other ways.

Yoga is practised mainly for weight loss, but fewer people know that it is the way for getting a toned and strong body. It also improves digestion level and is a cure for many diseases such as thyroid. Every pose helps the body in a way or another. You must know the effects before practising any pose. Here are a few yoga poses that are especially practised for weight loss. Hold these poses for at least 15-20 seconds in the beginning and then increase the time every time you practice till it reaches 1 minute.

Types of yoga pose for weight loss

Warrior iii (virabhadrasana c)

Tired of looking at your bulgy stomach? Feel ashamed of wearing the skin-tight dresses due to pot belly? Then this pose is for you. Contract your abs while holding this pose. Practising this will not only flatten your belly but will benefit your butt too.warrior 3 yoga pose

Triangle (trikonasana)

Your body will surely thank you for practising this as this helps in burning fat fast. Although it looks simple, the twists do their work in a much better way than you think. It not only improves digestion but reduces the fat deposit in the belly. A little more effort in engaging your legs and arms can burn more calories.

triangle ( trikonasana) yoga poseShoulder stand (Sarvangasana)

This pose is combo-pack for all your body related problems. It improves digestion, improves strengthening the level,  respiratory system, boosts metabolism, a therapy for thyroid and helps you have a sound sleep. So practice daily to feel a new you.

Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana) yoga pose

Bridge pose (Setu bandha Sarvangasana)

This pose is a great way to please your body as it helps in digestion as well as weight loss. It is also great for thyroid and glutes. Engagement of thighs and back helps in body toning. So add this pose in your list of practices to be done daily.

Bridge pose (Setu bandha Sarvangasana) yoga pose

Twisted chair (parivrtta utkatasana)

This one pose can do wonders to your body in terms of improving digestion and lymph system, working on the quads, the glutes, and the abs and at last everyone’s favourite-weight loss.

Twisted chair (parivrtta utkatasana) yoga pose

Bow (dhanurasana)

Another relaxed pose that stretches your body to make your dream of flat belly come true. It also helps in improving digestion, strengthening thighs, chest, and back. Make sure to keep pulling your hands and feet in the opposite direction until your abdomen and pelvis touch the ground.

Bow (dhanurasana) yoga poseSun salutations (Surya namaskar)

This pose is a multi-tasker. Although this pose is spiritually related to thanking god sun for spreading positivity on earth. But it does have many benefits to the human body. This easy to look pose helps in trimming your waist, toning your arms, boost metabolism and improves digestive system.

Sun salutations (Surya namaskar) yoga pose

So if you are looking for weight loss, then these are the best poses to practices. Practising these will ensure a new you with glowing skin, good immunity, and toned and healthy body. Make them a part of your daily routine and see the difference.



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