8 Must Read Books If You Are A Mystery Lover

A good book will move you to tears, make you laugh, and might give you a whole new perspective about life. But, a good ‘mystery’ book will move your body if u are a mystery lover, make your heart beat a thousand times faster and will give you goosebumps all over.

Novels full of unexpected twists and mystifying suspense have always enthralled readers. From shocking murder mysteries to psychotic husbands, these suspenseful stories will keep you up all night. Here’s an edit of the most exciting mystery books that will keep you turning the pages.

8 books that you should read if you are a mystery lover

Books for Mystery lover

1. The Girl On The Train: Paula Hawkins

This gripping thriller begins with bitter and helpless Rachel Watson, who has lost her home, her job and her husband Tom to another woman. Still, she rides the commuter train to London every day. When the train stops at the station overlooking her old home, she sees a couple who represent to her the perfect love-life that she once had before it crumbled spectacularly.

The couple, Megan and Scott, live a few houses away from Rachel’s old home. When Megan goes missing, Rachel’s world, which is already terribly messy becomes worse. What happens to Megan? How does Rachel end up being the central piece in Rachel’s missing case? This book will give you goosebumps until the very last page.

The Girl On The Train: Paula Hawkins


2. Before I Go To Sleep: S.J.Watson

A psychological thriller, this novel is an exciting story of Christine Lucas who survives a vicious attack but ends up with anterograde amnesia. She wakes up every day with zero knowledge of who she is. She does not remember her marriage, doesn’t recognise her husband Ben and gets shocked to realise that she is a middle-aged woman.

The novel follows her as she tries to connect her memories with the help of her doctor, Nash and from a journal that she has been keeping. Who is Christine Lucas? Is Ben hiding some facts from her? This book will satisfy all your thrill and mystery cravings.

Before I Go To Sleep: S.j.watson


3. Silent Child: Sarah.A.Denzil

This novel is a thrilling tale about Emma Price, whose six-year-old son, Aiden wanders away from school during an awful flood, falls into the river and drowns. His body was never recovered. Ten years after this tragic incident, Emma is married, pregnant, and is in total control until Aiden returns. The scars on his body speak volumes about the trauma he has endured for a decade. Aiden was kidnapped and tortured. Who, in Emma’s small village, could be capable of such an outrageous crime? Only Aiden can answer the question, but he is too mortified to speak.

How does Emma find the answers, and what are the answers? Turn over the pages of this electrifying thriller to know.

Silent Child: Sarah.a.denzil


4. The Thinnest Air: Minka Kent

If you are a beginner to the mystery genre in books, this novel is the perfect choice for you. Meredith Price is the most fortunate woman on this planet. Her husband, Andrew Price, is a bloody wealthy financial broker and is limitlessly charming. Meredith lives in a posh neighbourhood of a mountain resort town and has two stepchildren. Her life seems to be perfect- until the day she disappears. Her car is discovered in the parking lot of a grocery store- keys in the ignition, her purse, and phone undisturbed in the passenger’s seat and no sign of struggle.

Her desperate sister, Greer, arrives and starts investigating on her own while Andrew relies on the police. What happens to Meredith? How can a person vanish into thin air? Read on to find the answers.

The Thinnest Air: Minka Kent


5. Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn

The must-read-mystery-books list is incomplete without this novel. It’s the fifth wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy Dunne. Gifts are being packed, and plans are being made when Nick’s clever and gorgeous wife disappears from their rented mansion. Amy’s diary reveals disturbing facts about her and Nick. With the police and the media continually pressurising him, Nick becomes a spectacle with his endless lies, deceits, and inappropriate behaviour. Nick is an elusive and ambiguous individual.

But, is he a murderer? If not, where is his beautiful wife? And what is inside the silvery gift box hidden in the back of Amy’s bedroom closet? This book will take you to that darkest place where a marriage has gone wrong. The combination of toxicity and wit creates a nerve-fraying thriller that will stupefy you at every turn.

Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn


6. Behind Closed Doors: B.A.Paris

Jack and Grace are a perfect couple. He has stunning looks and wealth. She has elegance and beauty. Jack and Grace are never apart. You might call this true love. But, is this true love? Grace never answers the phone. She never goes out alone for dates with her friends or neighbours. She cooks elaborate meals but looks malnourished.

One of the bedroom windows has bars. What’s going on behind those closed doors? A perfect marriage? Or the ideal hoax? This enchanting suspense tale will blow your mind away as you reach the climax!

Behind Closed Doors: B.a.paris


7. Living Dead Girl: Elizabeth Scott

If you are looking for a young adult mystery fiction novel, then this book ends your search. Once upon a time, there was a girl by the name Alice. Not that Alice who ended up in Wonderland. This Alice was taken away from her family, friends, and her life by Ray when she was ten. Now Alice is fifteen years old, and Ray still has her. She has given up the will to fight. All she wants now is an end to this nightmare.

But, does Ray have something more terrible than death in his mind for her? This story is unique- one which you have never heard. And it will haunt you even after you are done reading it.

Living Dead Girl: Elizabeth Scott


8. The Wife Between Us: Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

A man, his jealous ex-wife who will go to any length and breadth to stop him from remarrying and his beautiful new fiancé are the central figures of a complicated love- triangle. The story is twisted, compelling, and successfully delivers the complexities of marriage, friendship, and possessiveness.

This book portrays love and marriage in a new light and will keep you turning the pages and guessing until the very last page. Does the jealous ex-wife succeed? Does the wedding happen? Find out for yourself!

The Wife Between Us: Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen


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