10 Tips to Become More Productive in Life

We all have the same 24 hours in a day! Still, some people become more successful than the rest. It’s only because they have learned to use their time more productively. The rich and successful people are more productive than others because they have mastered the art of time management. The mediocre and below mediocre are clueless about managing their time and as a result, they never utilize their full potential.

How to Be More Productive

To become more successful and wealthy, you have to utilise your time well so that you are more productive than the others. The more productive people are always overachievers. They achieve more in a day, more in a week, more in a month and consequently more in each and every year. As a result, they out-perform all others!

10 Tips to Become More Productive in Life

1. Prepare Your Day’s to-do List the Night Before

If you start your day pre-planned you’ll become more productive for sure. “By creating your to-do list the night before, you can start your day running.

Prepare Your Day's to-do List the Night Before

You know exactly what you’re going to do and in what order, and you’ve already pulled together any materials you need. By midmorning, you would be way ahead of most people, who waste the first half-hour of the day clearing their desk, making lists, finding necessary paperwork – in short, just getting ready to work. ” – jack canfield in his book “The success principles“.

2. Eat That Ugly Frog First

Productive people always prioritise their tasks. Motivational speaker and productivity coach, brian tracy suggests to “Eat the ugly frog first”. In other words do that difficult and important task the first thing in the morning!

Eat That Ugly Frog First

Most people have the habit of procrastination. They keep on delaying certain tasks either because it’s difficult or because that doesn’t interest them.Consult your to-do list and start with the difficult yet important task first!

If you have to prepare an important presentation or do some urgent phone calls to clients, better do those at the start of the day with a fresh mind. If you keep those delaying till the end of the day, maybe the quality of your work wouldn’t be good. Worse, you don’t get the time to complete the task and miss your deadline!

3. Uninstall All Game Apps From Your Mobile Phone

Uninstall All Game Apps From Your Mobile Phone

Yes, games are interesting and engaging! But they kill our time so much! If you are addicted to different games please record the time you play them. Do this for a day and you’ll be shocked to find out how much of your time goes to these games!
If you are serious to become more productive, uninstall all the game apps from your phone and laptop.

4. Turn Off All Notifications From the Social Media

Now that you have  uninstalled all game apps from your phone take another vital step. No, you don’t have to uninstall the social media apps, just turn off all the notifications in your phone!

Turn Off All Notifications From the Social Media

This way you don’t have to check every minute about what’s happening in everybody’s life! It has become our habit to click as soon as we view the notification on top of our mobile screen. This hampers work and even rest! Just set a time for yourself to scroll the social media pages if you have to, but don’t do it every moment. It is a huge waste of time and energy!

5. Use an Organiser to Plan Your Day

This is a busy world. There are several things to do and one brain to handle all of that! You need to remember all the deadlines, events to attend, client meetings , birthdays, family get-togethers and so on!

Use an Organiser to Plan Your Day

The best way to release all the stress is to use an organiser. If you are tech-savvy, use an app or if you like to write things up, use a diary. But schedule your days ahead to avoid forgetting things. This would save a lot of your time and you’ll always complete your tasks on time.

6. Use Your Time While Commuting

Most of us spend more than an hour in commuting. If you use this time productively, you’ll stay ahead than the rest.

Use Your Time While Commuting

Read a book or listen to a podcast while you are travelling. You would learn a lot and naturally you would become more updated. You can learn from anything to everything from books and podcasts! Just try and see.

7. Follow Your Passions

What makes you happy? What are you really passionate about? What is the thing you really care about?

Follow Your Passions Girl Painting

If you are not passionate about the course you have taken or the job you are doing, you can never do your best! Choose the things you love. Follow your passions and success will follow you!

If you feel lost or think it’s too late to do what you love, you’re wrong! You can always start. You don’t have to leave your current job. Take small steps towards the things you always wanted to do. Join that class or start the dream venture today! You can always make time for things that matter to you.

8. Set Goals for Yourself

Your time on this earth is limited, don’t live someone else’s life, live by your vision.”  – Steve jobs.

Set Goals for Yourself

If you want to be happy and successful in life, set goals for yourself and follow those! Productive people are always focused on their goals. So create a set of goals for yourself and take daily actions towards achieving them.

9. Maintain a Journal

Carry a small journal with you always. Pen down all amazing ideas that hit your mind! It could be a topic to discuss in the next office meeting, or an idea to start a business, a plot you can build into a book, a way to manage your finances or a tip that could help a friend.

Maintain a journal

Maintaining a journal helps to track all of such ideas that comes to our mind.
You can sit with this journal in your leisure time to check if you could use one of your ideas! It’s really a great habit to jot down all ideas in one place otherwise we have a tendency to forget about those later on.

10. Sleep Well

No matter who you are, a successful entrepreneur or a struggling artist, a housewife or a student, you cannot give your best if you do not give your brain some rest!

Many people sleep less to become more productive. But in reality, if you do not give your body and mind the rest they deserve you cannot perform your best.

Sleep well to perform well. Your body needs atleast 6 – 8 hours of sleep per day. A sound night sleep helps you to perform your best and lead a stress-free, happier and healthier life.

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