5 Psychological Facts That Will Restore Your Beauty


Many people who opt for the external beauty of an individual in terms of the complexion, the shape of the body and the overall looks. Psychologically none can ensure the permanent stay of one’s beauty in its original state forever, not to talk of its endurance even for a limited period. The beautiful appearance of everyone is destined to fade away in an unforeseen manner. Its also depends upon one’s ability to withstand certain external pressures and adverse developments brought to bear upon by changing conditions that directly affect the living styles.

1. Results in Beauty

None of us can succeed in ordering the beauty to stay in its present condition or in maintaining it to our expectations any longer than destined by God. Man can make a certain resolve to carry out a thing, but there could be no guarantee that he will fulfill the same. It is this natural outcome which is capable of causing psychological fears since psychological imbalance is the byproduct of one’s failure to execute his plans. Well, this proven fact demands that we should choose what is everlasting. Whenever we firmly apply our mind upon something, those quality tends to fade away over time. Disappointment could only be the outcome. To overcome heartaches, our order of preferences should settle down to the genuine beauty of the individual which is the beauty of the heart.

2. Choice in Beauty

In this world of fast-changing nature, not many people can claim to have a beautiful heart. A beautiful heart will make the selection of its choice once for all and will steadfastly stand by it against all the odds, come what may. For a genuine heart, which is the rare gift of the nature, the determination to face all challenges that counter its fair approaches and to fight them out with all the powers at its disposal and emerge victorious against the perpetrators is well within the possibility, because it upholds all virtues provided by the nature and proceeds to suffer every sacrifice that comes in the way with a single-minded devotion. None on earth will be able to resist such a resolution, backed up an unwavering spirit to implement it which is what human psychology is all about.

3. Demand in Beauty

Those who run after the fleeting beauty, for all the practical reasons are illusory, will be forced to accept inevitable in the long run. Human psychology requires the protection of the long-range interest forever, and all those who seek short term gains suffer the adverse psychological impact. Such impact begins to make its offensive, felt directly attacking the physical and mental faculties. Such instances are experienced by groups and individuals whose aims and intentions rest upon agreed.

4. Creation of Beauty

As the creations of God, everyone has an external beauty unusual to that particular person. If God has created all people similar to each other, it will place a serious impediment in the matter of recognizing one’s idol from among the multi crores that inhabit the vast universe. Hence, what God has done in the matter of gifting people with different shapes and complexions is to facilitate easy recognition between two relatives, friends or acquaintances. If we go deeper into the aspect of the beauty of the human being, we will at once find that it the rarest kind of the inner beauty which is capable of standing all forms of trials. All else will fade into insignificance where contentment, happiness, and peace as the real blessings of life are concerned.

5. The Temptation of Beauty

Beauty is a subject of temptation. Thus, beauty is an illusion enslaved by such impersonation. When a person of 60 years undergoes an expert make-up, the looks resemble that of a 16-year-old in elegance and youth. The only difference lies between commonsense and tempting values. The eyes mislead, and the heart compels the mind to play a submissive role. It is sheer conquest to a dominant force that competes with boldness to draw the onlooker into its fold. It is the lack of proper judgment which brings into focus the game of hide and seek. It is a fact in everyone’s life, and yet most people are victims of such tempting beauties. There is nothing like beautiful and ugly beyond a false feeling which takes the better of the human mind thereby causing a casualty.

I am nobody to exhort anyone, and my sphere is limited to providing appropriate guidelines to the written subject. It is up to the readers to follow what exactly I meant and understand my views.


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