A Simple Guide To Staying Healthy and Managing Stress

‘Life is a Race’ we’ve all heard this saying growing up at least once, and it’s true to many extents. Today’s life is full of hustle and bustle, there isn’t any job or any work that doesn’t require hours of undivided attention in order to succeed. And in this rush people forget to take care of themselves which as a result causes physical and mental strain.
Stress has become a vital part of the life of working people and whatever we do we just can’t ignore the fact that most of the people are stressed through their day. Physical health is interrelated with mental health and hence taking care of one leads to the betterment of the subsequent another. And if you also wish to work efficiently with a balanced mind and a happy heart, here’s a simple guide to staying healthy and managing stress.

1. Avoiding Caffeine and Nicotine

Coffee and Nicotine

Many working people under stress get indulged in taking lots of caffeinated or nicotine. But caffeine makes individuals dehydrated, it can make you feel energetic for short while but leaves your body exhausted later. Changing these habits will show you noticeable results. Use water and herbal tea instead of caffeinated drinks which will help in an overall reduction in stress, making you feel light and helping you cope better with stressful situations.

2. Make Physical Activity a Routine


 Everyday indulging in physical activity even for 30 minutes can change your overall stress. Due to stressful situations, there is an increase in stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in the body.

This makes you feel exhausted even after getting a good night sleep and hence it is important to release these hormones and increase the flow of feel-good hormones like endorphins and dopamine. Indulging in physical activity daily even for a short while can do that trick. A little cardio or dance routine every day will help you manage your stress better.

3. Taking Charge of Stress

Stress management

 Getting stressed easily can make simple and easy to handle situations feel like an impossible task. In such situations, it is important to take charge of your stress and not let it overpower you. Stress can really hinder the working efficiency of anybody and hence it depends on person to person how they deal with it.  Come up with problem-solving techniques and vary the pros and cons which will help you deal with stressful situations easily.

4. Trying Relaxation Techniques


There comes a time in a day where you may feel like you cannot go on anymore. In such situations of break down, relaxation techniques will help you cope better. Try to relax and calm yourself for 5-10 minutes. Indulge in something relaxing like music or meditation. It will soothe your mind and restart it to work more efficiently. In stressful situations take a minute to relax and then going about it will really make a difference.

5. Getting Proper Sleep

Proper Sleeping Schedule

Lack of proper rest and sleep is the biggest reason for stress in a lot of adults today. Not having a proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle which really affects your brain. Resting your mind and body properly is important as it rejuvenates the body and increases dopamine levels in the body which overall helps to deal with the stressful situation easily. Hence if you’re stressed more than often try getting a night of proper sleep.

6. Prioritize Yourself


There are times when you might not feel up to it, take a day off or not do something, don’t. Prioritize yourself and take out time for yourself. If you make plans to go out and don’t feel like going, learn to say no. If you feel ill, and don’t feel like going to work, take your day off. Taking out time for yourself, self-loving and caring is important and it helps with dealing with stressful situations in a proper manner.

Stress is a serious question in a lot of lives today and it’s important to not take it lightly. Managing stress is important as it overall leads to the healthiness of individuals, physical and mental. Next time whenever you feel stressed, just try to ‘let it go’ as maybe the work you do defines you but more importantly if there’s no ‘you’ then there’s no reputation, bank balance or status quo that really matters. 

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