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The monsoon season is upon us (thank God!) and it feels like the perfect time to put off everything and just get those extra hours of immensely satisfying (although unnecessary) sleep. Understandably, the last thing that comes to one’s mind is to hit the gym is to gains. One thing is for sure that procrastinating working out and messing up our diet for the season is not going to be well appreciated by our bodies. Gaining lost weight, putting on a layer of fat around our bellies, spoiling our progress- all the things we don’t need ourselves to be put through, to be honest.

monsoon gains

Keeping aside the reluctance to put our body through this physical torture, let’s take baby steps to get better. Firstly, get mentally ready so that with a boost of motivation and proper guidance, we can achieve baffling results, looks that make people want to marry you, lol.

gains during the rains!

So, let’s start, shall we ?

As we all know, diet is a major part of building our body and getting fitter. According to experts, the ratio is 80/20; meaning for getting fitter our diet makes up for 80% of the reason while gyming and exercising only makes up for 20%. Yes, you can’t just eat everything and “burn it off” by spending another hour at the gym. Oh, how I wish that’s how it worked! ☹

Moving forward, here I’ve listed a few points which would help you get started on your journey.

Eat more protein

Yup, you know it. Yet the most known fact can sometimes be the most neglected in our diet. Losing weight or building muscle, the most significant part is to consume protein from all sources.




You don’t have to take extreme steps of a no-carb diet as carbs are an important source of fuel for rebuilding and growing your muscles. Don’t you want them guns? Although it is highly advised to limit them and to have smaller portions.




Let me divide this section into two parts. Good Fats and Bad Fats. Further breaking it down for simplicity, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are the good ones. Artificial Trans-fat and Saturated fats are the bad ones. Depending upon your needs and requirements please use them in accordance with them. Needless to say, avoid the bad ones.




It seems like Mom was right all along regarding finishing the veggies on the plate. As vegetables play a crucial role in promoting healthy metabolism and improving your recovery rate post-workout, you must consume them for a healthy body irrespectively of your weight loss/gain goals.


Hot drinks

What better way to start your day or giving yourself an energy boost in between while sipping on a hot drink on a rainy day? While at it, why not make the drink as healthy and somewhat enjoyable at the same time. Ditch that spoon of sugar in your green tea and replace it with a dash of honey. Reap the multi-faceted benefits of honey and boost your metabolism by having a cosy cuppa!

green tea

Coming to the bittersweet part, working out- as much as we hate or loathe or ignore or procrastinate it, the fact remains- maintaining a good body does indeed have health benefits and can boost your confidence to a new level by kicking the inferiority complex far away. Now, it will be wrong to assume that every single one of us has the time to go to the gym and the means too, considering how everything is getting more and more expensive(thanks, 2019 economy!), but no excuse is good enough for not working out unless it’s an emergency or a health issue and NO, laziness isn’t a health issue (yet).

Let’s look at some workouts that we can use to get in shape along with the diet.


For Home

home exercise

Now you may have a few basic types of equipment or just a yoga mat. Needless to say, your exercise depends on your personal goals. If stepping out of home seems like a herculean task, then investing in a pair of dumbbells might be a good idea. Not only can you do bodyweight exercises, but you can amp it up a bit with a pair of dumbbells, Now not having dumbbells shouldn’t be your excuse to not work out. Basic bodyweight workouts include push-ups, pull-ups, plank, squats, lunges, etc. to name a few. For further assistance, refer to Dr Google.

How to take it to the next level-

Design a circuit program by yourself. For example:

  1. 1 minute – push-ups
  2. 20 seconds rest
  3. 1-minute high knees
  4. 20-second rest
  5. 1-minute lunges with dumbbells
  6. 20-second rest
  7. 1-minute plank
  8. 1-minute rest.

This completes one circuit then do as many as you can, eventually increasing the intensity and the number of circuits. You will see the results very soon!

Gym Based


  • Here you can mix it up actually with the right amount of cardio and weight lifting according to your goals.
  • You can target individual muscle groups and planning the whole-body workout over the whole week.
  • You can target one major muscle group that is chest, legs, and back combined with the smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps, calves, and shoulders.
  • If the above plans are too chaotic for your liking then just go with the upper body, lower body and cardio day. That’s as simple as it gets.
  • Cardio days may include walking or running on a treadmill, jumping rope, burpees, jump squats, etc. you can do them in circuits to keep the heart rate high and burn off those extra calories.

For Park


If you have watched any inspirational scene having the protagonist in the movie running in the rain with a dead serious look on his face, so be it. A park or a ground nearby will do just fine for your dramatic jogging or sprinting/ running. This will let you add an extra mile or two to your usual routine as the rain will help you keep your body temperature low and a breath of fresh air will keep you in high spirits.

P.S. NEVER avoid warming up before and cooling down after a workout.

Whatever may be the choice of location, a healthy diet and some kind of workout need to be a part of our daily schedule. The benefits are not limited to physical health but it has a major benefit in improving mental health. Endorphins, also called the feel-good hormones are released when we exercise and stay active, which help with putting us in a better mood and reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

As you can clearly see, working out and following a good diet has not only physiological benefits but also psychological ones.

So, the pros outweigh the cons (none), let’s get started, shall we?

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