Sometimes Staying At Home is More Rejuvenating Than Travelling

choose to stay home

It looks like everyone has hopped on the travel train nowadays. It is indeed rejuvenating for the mind and soul to travel. However, there is nothing wrong if you choose to stay at home instead of going like everyone else. Similar to the ‘hustle’ and ‘do it for the gram’ culture, the culture of travelling is also becoming overrated, to be honest. You don’t have to visit fancy places to indulge in rejuvenation; you can do the same from the comfort of your home as well.

Here’s a list of reasons why you can revitalize and not feel guilty about staying at home.

Recharge Your Batteries

Recharge Your Batteries
Sometimes it is essential to prioritize yourself and understand your needs.

Travelling is exhausting. After a tyring week at work or college, one needs to recharge their batteries. This is not possible if you travel as you have to do a lot of difficult things. Moreover, the energy you put in social interactions, tourist activities, and so on only makes you more tired. This is one of the main problems with today’s fast-paced world. We don’t give ourselves enough time to recharge our batteries. When you choose to stay home, you can rejuvenate and focus your energy better. Some ‘me’ time is essential to prioritize yourself and understand your needs.

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

how to save money
irresponsible to spend money on travelling

It literally costs nothing to stay at home as opposed to travelling which is costly, no matter how good of a package you are getting. Nothing in the world comes for free now, and it’s not just about the estimated expenditure. Once you step out to some other place, the added expenses of food, cabs, and more are difficult to handle. Think of how cost-effective will it be if you choose to stay home and do your bank account a favour. There is no shame in saving up for other things; rather, it gives you a great sense of responsibility too. While at home, the most you’ll ever spend on is take-out food, which is also optional.

The First wealth is Health

Wealth is Health
when you choose to stay home, you get absolute peace of mind simply relaxing

Working individuals are the ones who are most stressed-out about a lot of things. This takes a toll not only on their mental health but also physical health. To be honest, travelling does not help with either of those in many ways. While it is good for your mental health, but not always.

On the contrary, when you choose to stay home, you get absolute peace of mind simply relaxing. Moreover, travelling means eating outside food. It is not a surprising fact that nothing beats home-cooked food in terms of healthiness. A trip to a foreign place could mean eating junk food and drinking too much booze.  Just think of the number of calories you’ll be saving by staying in bed, watching Netflix!

Don’t Conform to Social Media Patterns

Social Medi
Social media patterns and how society conforms to it is one of the most toxic things ever

Social media patterns and how society fits it is one of the most toxic things ever. The ‘do it for the gram’ culture kind of shames people who choose to say home. Thus, when you don’t conform to social media patterns, you’re making a healthy choice. A choice of not following the crowd and standing up for yourself. Do not forget that staying at home does not side-line you or makes you lazy. Neither does it make you unpopular, it’s your choice to prioritize yourself, and you must own it like a boss. It’s your own little way of rebelling, and it is good to rebel sometimes, no matter how small the feat is.

There’s Always a Next Time

Don’t stress yourself
Don’t stress yourself about missing the trip

Though it does not apply to everything in life, it is true to a great extent. Don’t stress yourself about missing the trip just because it’s the season or anything else. Never let the feeling of ‘I’m not doing enough’ creep in. It does nothing good but stresses you out. Ones who choose to stay home can relax with their feet up and pamper themselves. Don’t rush into things because there’s always the next time. You need to curate a list of things and prioritize everything accordingly. If ‘travelling’ falls in the top five, make it happen. However, if it does not, you can pick a better time for it by planning methodically.

So, kick off your shoes and relax in bed with your pet, partner or even by yourself. Travelling is not the cure to everything, sometimes staying at home in peace does the trick. There is no point in spending all your time, energy and money when you don’t get anything fruitful out of it. Instagram may glorify the wanderlust in people, but remember there are always two sides to a coin!


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