10 Tips to Save Time and Increase productivity at Work

Every entrepreneur, every person wants to get more out of their day. But unfortunately, the strength of will begins to exhaust if you continue to put more things to do. Many times the big problem is not whether you lack the time or not, but in knowing how to manage priorities, in managing our time.

If you are going to try to do more things in your work without a plan and without priorities it is almost impossible that you will obtain good results and less you will be a productive person. However, it is still possible to open your way to increase productivity. Here are 10 tricks to save time and increase productivity that will allow you to get more out of your day:

1. Organize Your Desk and Environment

The disorder can be extremely annoying and even stress-inducing. If your to-do list is a mile long, plus a disorganized desk your work environment will only get worse. File documents put everything back in place, put documents in desk drawers, move empty coffee cups and reduce clutter. When you do this work and everything is in place instantly you will feel more organized and less stressed. The key is to be organized.

2. Identify Peak Hours

At what times of the day do you feel more motivated? Identify those moments and schedule the most important tasks for those hours. In my case, my productive moments were after 12:00 am. Now, with so much time in the morning and having to find something to do to avoid sleeping, this productivity soared in the morning hours. This can change for anyone at any time, but initially identifying your peak hours will allow you to score another couple of points on your productivity scoreboard.

3. Morning Exercise

Exercising in the morning can help you to increase productivity. Although some might argue that exercise really depletes your energy, the release of endorphins alone seems like a good enough reason to take a quick jog or walk on a treadmill first thing in the morning. Exercise can help eliminate stress, puts you in a better state of mind and increases your efficiency and productivity.

4. Make List of Things to Do Before You Sleep

Think and make a list of everything you have to do the next day, the night before. Prepare all the tools that you will use in advance. This will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes and will help you get excellent results in your work from the beginning or since the beginning of the day.
If you are going to do the to-do list the night before, it will also put your subconscious mind to work while you sleep. And the moment you wake up, you will have immense clarity about what you have to do next.

5. Have Plenty Of  Water During the Day

Most people do not get hydrated enough during the day. Drinking plenty of water will help you maintain your energy levels, and if your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, it will also be very good since you will often go to the bathroom or services, and that will be healthy in the end. You that way you will not be sitting all day long. You have to give your body what it needs and it will give you the resources you need to maintain your productivity.

6. Have a Day Off In a Week

It is important that you are involved with the project or work you are doing and many times you need zero interruptions to move forward with the project. But it is also highly recommended that you have a day off, a day off from meetings, a day off from everything, a day for yourself.

After a free day, it is safer that you will be productive, and you will do more things everything will start to flow. Because people need to do a STOP from time to time. We are not a machine to work without stopping if you do it is very likely that you will be fine for a short time.

7. Take Few Breaks During the Day

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are hard workers, and often do not want to leave their work to drink a glass of water, eat a chocolate bar or take some fresh air. However, it is perfectly healthy to take a break, since your mind is not really designed to work at full speed all day.
It may be worth experimenting with different techniques, to achieve a healthy balance. You need to set a reminder to take regular breaks, which will allow you to distribute your energy more efficiently.

8. Create Calendar for the Day

Many people have to-do lists. However, not everyone thinks of planning their days in advance. It is possible that you have a pretty good idea of the pending tasks that you have to do in the day, but in reality, you do not know or you have not thought about how much time will be assigned to each of the tasks.

It is easy to identify the loss of time if the monitoring of your activity is clear and when you have everything planned on a given day. Certainly, you may have to allow a certain margin, but if you are constantly distracted or procrastinating in the tasks you have to do, you may want to reconsider your approach.

9. Follow the 10 Minute Rule

10 minute rule

One must use two – minutes rule to determine whether to complete a task immediately. If it takes less than two minutes, then do it immediately. This creates a simple structure for productivity since it does not require any tools or software. The moment a task comes in, you decide if you are going to do it now or save for later.

10. Delegate and Hire Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Do you have too much work to do? Are you giving a lot of your time to low-level tasks that are not making the best use of your skills? If so, you may want to consider outsourcing or delegating and hiring virtual assistants. You can train another person to do the job or you can hire a virtual assistant to take care of many of the routine tasks, necessary but repetitive so that you can devote more of your time to strategic and more important activities of the project.

If you want to be productive, you have to be good at prioritizing and eliminating some jobs or tasks. It is more than likely, there are a lot of things that you do not necessarily have to be done by yourself, but you can automate, delegate or eliminate that work altogether.

Increasing productivity is not about doing one or two things and forgetting about it. Usually, there will always be ways to improve your efficiency and carry out things in better ways. Remember that you must always remain flexible. Productivity is all about developing effective habits, and habits can take time to put into practice. Some of your experiments may not filter out, but as you continue to try new and different things, you will be able to find what works for you and what does not work.

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