4 Useful Apps To Manage Your Spending

We all have expenses and savings. sometimes it becomes difficult to track the expenses manually and it is very important to keep track of all the expenses. it happens that we forget about the expenses we do and not able to track actual spending and savings. It requires a lot of time and hard work. Since we are in the era of the digital world there are different applications which help to keep a record of our monthly expenditure. Applications like Paytm, FreeCharge, PhonePay and many more are there for our needs.

Similarly, various applications are available which help us to keep track of all our expenditure. If we consider all these, we have prepared a good list of top 4 applications which run on both IOS and Android for managing money. Also, you can use these applications to track your expenses.

1. Walnut


Walnut as one of the best money management application available for all the platform. Walnut apps take over your work and control your expenditure. Walnut is an AI-based application which tracks the spends and pays the bill monthly on time. You can enter your data manually or it can be tracked automatically. The app tracks your spending on various categories like food, travel, shopping and as well as keep track of all the monthly atm transactions. It detects the information like spends, bills and, tickets and also has a feature to track the credit card dues.

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2. Expense Manager

Expense Manager

Expense manager is free and very simple to use. The app helps you to manage the expenditures cheque book and budgets and Also, keeps track of all the expenses and incomes. So, there is no need to enter data manually, you can enter the data by using images of bills. you will find another feature which can track your tax mileage and debts by using this application. you will find different language options.

The app also helps to organize bills by week, month and year also based on categories as well as schedule your payments and also recurring payments. The app allows you to download the information of your expenditure in HTML, CSV, Excel, and PDF.

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3. ETMoney Expense Manager


it is an application which is backed by times of India group. it organizes all parts of money. it can be expenses, investments, receipts, insurance, and offers. A new feature is introduced in which the users are liking. you will find it completely paperless. you don’t need to have KYC. it requires a 2-minute process. Also, they provide an insurance option on various things like vehicles and life. some other features are bill reminders, daily budget, manual automatic detection of expenses.

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4. Money Manager Expense And Budget

Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager app helps in financial planning, review, expense tracking, and personal asset management. The apps allow you to recorded your personal and business financial transactions. you can review your daily, weekly, monthly data and generate the financial data and spending reports. Also, it has features to manage your assets with the money manager’s spending tracker and budget planner.

Money Manager application gives you a complete budget and expenses data to see with the help of graph. you can see the amount of expense against your budget quickly, such that you can make financial inferences. Also, you can easily input your frequent expenses all at once and bookmark them.

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all these applications are best for money management to keep track of your finance. All these applications are really helpful in tracking expenses and savings. All the money management applications for android and ios are highly secure.

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