5 Best Apps for Instagram Hashtags

With Instagram becoming the most useful app for general users as well as brands, it becomes extremely important to keep yourself updated on the app. The most promising way of gaining a larger audience is by using the correct hashtag for the correct post. This allows the various diversified people with a similar interest to view your post and that results in larger viewership. In case from the brand perspective, it allows the brand to reach out to a much larger chunk of an audience by using the appropriate hashtags according to their target audience.

As a result, it ends up increasing the number of views, likes, and followers. As obvious as it can get the more the followers the better the reach and better sales. Hence, sometimes it does become a little problematic to figure out which are the correct hashtags.

Here, we have an extensive list of 5 most effective Instagram apps for Android as well as Mac which can help us choose the right hashtag for the right post.

1. Autohash


As the name suggests, this is an app which acts as a saviour in times of ultimate confusion about which hashtag to use and which not to. The user just needs to relax, take a chill and upload the photo and the app through (AI) automatically finds the most appropriate hashtags to be used which match best with the post. An added advantage is that, when your GPS is on, this app will automatically reflect hashtags based on your location and which are trending.

2. Hashtags for Promotion

 Hashtags for promotion

This app is the most used app amongst the users of Instagram. It helps the users to get more likes, comments, and followers on their posts by using the appropriate hashtags. The app also allows the user to use the search live hashtag feature through which the users can search for a variety of hashtags according to their post which will be displayed in a card view format.

This following app provides a number of feature such as:

  • It allows the user to bookmark their favourite hashtags, which can be used in the future as well.
  • The best part is that the users can make their own unique hashtag by using all their creativity by providing a card name.
  • The only Instagram hashtag app which gives the live hashtag search feature.
  • This app also runs various Adds and allows users and brands to benefit.
  • It is available for free to download.

3. Tags for Likes

 Tags for Likes

This is the most effective and unique app amongst the various Instagram hashtag apps available currently. What sets this app different from others is its feature of helping the user get rid off the very annoying pop-up ads. Pop-up ads after a certain point of time become extremely annoying and due to which the user loses interest in the app. But Tags for likes acts as a guiding friend and helps the user to get rid of the pop-ads. This makes the entire process of using the app exciting and fun.

Also, 15+ sections of the app are currently available and the user is free to create his or her own version. This app gives a tremendous amount of flexibility to the users to select the hashtags on the basis of their genres which can be as diversified as art, freestyle, music, dance, theatre, cooking, pets, beauty, travel, etc. It gives the user the luxury to choose some very happening and trending hashtags for a variety of pool available.

4. TagsDock


This app is a bundle of hashtags and one can never fall short of hashtags while using this app. It has a number of sections such as travel, food, education, poetry, dance, singing, art, celebrities, etc. The user can pick up its preferred genre and use the appropriate hashtags. You just copy your favourite hashtags and paste them on your posts to get the highest amount of engagement.

It also gives the flexibility to the user to choose the hashtags for more than one genre. Generally, users on Instagram are not related to genre and post random pictures, this app allows them to have with them a huge range of hashtags. Which in return, allows them to increase their likes and followers.

5. Flume


Currently the number 1 app in both IOS and Android. What makes this app stand at number 1 is its multiple features available to the users. With this app, the user is easily able to experiment with the way how Instagram photo and video appear on your profile display. This app allows the user to use attractive filters which make the photos look better and ends up beautifying the entire profile. Also, this app has a hashtag section which allows the users to use the most trending hashtags.

Hence, this app solves the dual purpose. Instead of downloading two different apps, one for hashtags and one for filters this app provides both the features in just one platform. This is a very friendly app for the user.

With social media just booming every hour, minute and even second, and Instagram being the favourite spot for everyone, it becomes hard to stand out and keep your profile very engaging and trending. Using the appropriate hashtags can be one of the easiest tasks by the face of it, but while choosing the right hashtags becomes one of the most tedious tasks for the users.

It is of vital importance to choose the correct hashtag for the relevant post. This helps in adding a lot of value and viewership to the profile of the user. Hence, these apps will help everyone increase their views, likes, and followers. It will also help them to post pictures which unique filters which make the picture quality look really good.

Also, these apps are bug-free apps and can be used easily. It’s time to explore the other side of Instagram hashtags with such a huge variety!

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