5 Useful Apps Which Will Boost Your Productivity at Work

Setting Goals is not easy work it requires art. If you set the bar too high you will not be able to complete anything. you can set the bar low and you will only complete the mediocre tasks. Your goals should be meaningful to you so that you can complete. Also, once you are settled with few goals start breaking them into smaller chunks.

How to become a productivity machine?

you can imagine completing your most important tasks each day and feeling in control. the best part is that your smartphone applications only contribute a small part of the success. You have eliminated the bad habits and have adopted a more productive lifestyle.

If you already know that waking up earlier helps you to avoid completing your unimportant tasks but its not enough. you need to reduce distractions. You can transform your mornings to be productive. You can wake up an hour earlier every morning to organize your day before you get distracted. If you are trying to get more work done in less time, Here are a great bunch of some applications which has specialized assistance to shorten the time you spend on tasks, or organize your notes for you and make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues. These applications are available in computer and on your smartphone. Let’s have a look at them

1. Quickbooks and Gopayment

QuickBooks GoPayment

It would be great if you know where your money is exactly going in real-time. So, Thomas Pellett of ChiroElite recommends using Quickbooks or GoPayment. He runs a small chiropractic clinic and uses this application to save his time. he uses this application for accounting. its takes the payment and syncs with other device having Quickbook application. QuickBooks and GoPayments is Available on Google Play Store And Apple App Store

2. Harvest Time Tracking

Harvest Time & Expense Tracker

Harvest Time And Expense is an analytical application that tracks the time and nudges you to keep track of labour expenses and how much people are getting the work done. it can help you from wasting your time and manages time. Harvest Time tracking is a great option and is also recommended by Lizzie Maldonado, a digital strategist at marketing agency called The Starr Conspiracy.

Harvest Time and Expense is an application with time tracking software with heavy duty analytics on the back end to tell you where you might be losing the productivity or where it could be improved. Harvest time and Expense is available on  Google Play Store and iTunes.

3. Smartsheet


Sometimes big projects often require time for updating the status of the work between the collaborators. with Smartsheet application, you can reduce your time. it is recommended by Jennifer Gehrt at Seattle based Communique’ PR. Smartsheets serves as a centralized application in the cloud. All the team members can view assignments and collaborate on Projects”. Spreadsheet inspired collaboration application has features like everyone has access to the most recent versions of assignments. it provides up to the minute information so team members don’t have to waste time for sending the endless internal emails. The SmartSheet app is available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

4. RescueTime


Sometimes when you are working at the computer and it is obvious that we might not be able to focus on work. since the internet has access to the vast temptations of the internet. Some times it can be hard to focus on the work you need to get done. Rescue time is a great application for making sure that you are not drifting off into unproductive time on your computer. you can block some sites where you think you are wasting your time and keep track of the hours you are wasting. Rescue Time is available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes


5. Evernote


it is the application which won’t let you forget important information such as websites, documents, images, itineraries, maps and lists. if you have some meetings in a day l, Evernote is a lifesaver. Evernote allows you to document the requirements and deliverables from the laptop and other devices. you can share documents with stakeholders. Evernote is Available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes

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