5 Best Podcast Listening Apps for iOS and Android

Podcast are becoming increasingly popular now for the wide variety of the content they offer on any topics a person wants to listen to. Even though People prefer watching videos on youtube, but I personally think the podcast is the best platform when you just want to listen without getting disturbed by ads. Listening to the podcast is just like listening to the news on the radio but what differentiates podcasts from the radio is the wide range of topics the podcast offers such as expert’s views or opinions on the on political or social issues, Stories, stand-ups comedy and a lot of other things, what a basic radio can’t offer.


According to Forbes, there are more than 67 million active users listening to a podcast on a Monthly basis. Unlike Radio, where you need to tune in for particular show or news, but on a podcast, you can save or download the podcast of your favorite channel, and listen to it at your comfort. Plus, the Podcast’s format is more interactive, entertaining as well as informative, it provides you with lots of information which is equal to reading a book or article, All you need is a decent net connection to download or to stream the podcast and app to listen to it. In this article, we’ve rounded 5 Best Application to get you into listening Podcast!

1. Pocket Casts

Pocket Cast is going to allow you to perform more functions besides listening to your favorite shows. One of them is the possibility of filtering programs over time. This translates into letting us choose the date on which we want to show content (days, weeks or months). It is quite practical for programs with many seasons, since this way it will give us the possibility of locating those that have been left behind. This app also allows us to download podcasts, increase the volume of the voices when we want to pay more attention to something, as well as change the playback speed or lower the background noise. Another possibility is to skip the introductions of the programs, something that is appreciated in those who throw several minutes with the “opening”. Pocket Cast is also available on iTunes and Playstore

2. TuneIn Radio

It is one of the most downloaded podcast applications from app stores. Its success is that it is free and allows you to listen and download millions of podcasts. In addition, TuneIn Radio also has more than 100,000 live radio stations, with the possibility of filtering by category or location. The app is quite simple. It has a section of favorites in which we can keep our stations or podcast of interest to have everything at hand when we want.

The podcasts are in the browse section. Once inside you can see different sections (highlights, top in Hindi, top music). You can explore yourself through chains or themes (art and culture, business and economics, comedy, education etc). TuneIn Radio is free for iTunes and Play store, but you will not get rid of advertising if you do not buy the Premium version.

3. Castbox

Another application to listen to the free podcast is CastBox. Its operation is very similar to the previous ones. It has a search engine for locating your programs of interest, although if you do not know what to listen you can search in the section of the categories, with different sections full of podcasts of all kinds (about health, music, letters, history, business …). Within CastBox there are also sections of Best podcast (the most listened to by users), Music, Comedy or Politics and news.

CastBox has other features. For example, you will have the possibility of reproducing the contents via streaming, modifying parameters such as the speed when listening to the audio. There is also no “offline” mode to store the programs you want at home via WiFi and to be able to listen to them later without consuming additional data of your rate. This application is free for iTunes and Playstore.

4. Podcast Player

Podcast Player, an app that will allow you to subscribe, listen and download all the podcasts you want. Like the other apps, you will find all the themes. There are also some of the most popular radio programs of the moment. And, what happens if you do not have a connection? You can also spend your time listening to the podcast because this app has an offline function for when you go by plane or do not have an Internet connection. Of course, do not forget to download previously the programs that interest you.

Another of its great virtues is that it has a timer function to disconnect the app at the time you want. Also, you can have the same podcasts organized on all your devices. You just have to sign in with Google and the subscribed podcasts on your phone will appear on your tablet and other devices. Podcast Player is also available on iTunes and PlayStore

5. Spotify and Deezer

Finally, a great pair of wild cards. Spotify and Deezer are both well-known as music-streaming services, but both recently added podcasts to their catalogs In the Spotify’s mobile app, you will find them in the “Show” section, where you will also find a YouTube-style short-form video show. Tap the “Audio Show” button to reach the podcast, with the ability to keep the new episodes and listen offline to follow the show’s personal show. Deezer bought a podcast service called Sticher in 2014, which is to supply its catalog of spoken-word shows – its standalone app is still available.

In the main Deezer app, a podcast can be accessed from the home screen, including top 100s, including business, comedy, news and politics and technology. The presentation of the podcast is added to your “My Music” section of the app when new episodes are out. In both cases, Spotify and Deezer lack of fine-tuning features for podcasting apps dedicated to managing and listening. Their appeal, however, is that you can access your podcast as your streaming music from the same app.

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