Facebook Messenger Redesigned With Simplicity

Facebook has announced that the company will work to make its Messenger smartphone app easier to use than ever before. The social networking site is now rediscovering its new version. There will be three tabs instead of nine tabs. Facebook says that seven years after the launch of the Facebook Messenger app, Facebook is again heading towards its original design which has followed simplicity while designing the UI.


Messenger Chief Stan Chudnovsky made a statement that,

“We make another feature after a feature. All these are getting accumulated. This is no longer just a normal messenger app, people can do other things including video calls, sending money and other things.”

After new updates to Facebook Messenger, you will find three tabs that include People, Stories and Active Users. Let me say that every month about 10 billion messages are sent across business and common people.

It is worth noting that in a recent report, it was claimed that there is a feature to delete messages in Facebook Messenger. A screenshot of this feature is also revealed. Now similar to the Whatsapp, you will now be able to delete the messages sent in Facebook Messenger. This feature is currently being released in the updated version.

There are many more features including group video call, AR Emojis, HD quality media & much more. We’ll soon review this app and see if Facebook has been able to do a good job with the makeover of the messenger app!

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium

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