5 Best DSLR Accessories Under 10000 Rupees

From beginners to experts there are many who have opted for a DSLR camera at the time of entering the world of photography. Audio-visual lovers who have been able to see in the DSLR -an English in Digital Single Lens Reflex- an essential tool to capture photographs and videos and obtain high-quality results. Today, any amateur with a concern for improvement can gradually build a good team, brands like Nikon or Canon have made it possible for someone amateur to fill in the gaps in their material on that path to professionalization.

Camera Accessories

Whether it is easy to use, the possibility of exchanging the objectives, the good features offered or the wide variety of models and prices on the market, the truth is that this type of cameras is always a great option to consider. If you are one of those who has a DSLR, we have made a selection of 5 accessories so you can get the most out of your camera.

1. Professional Tripod

The Benro tripod is very popular due to its excellent quality-price ratio. It is a very versatile tripod, with qualities designed for different types of photography: the ideal reversible column for macro photography, the patella for panoramic and landscape photography, the foamed coatings on the legs to withstand the beauty of nature photography (rain, cold, humidity …), the quick-release plate to be able to switch to camera-to-hand quickly, ideal for situations where a high reaction capacity is required, such as in street or sports photography; and a load capacity of 10 kg in weight, which means that it can withstand heavy equipment typical of studio photography or astrophotography. It also includes a transport bag.

Benro iTrip IT15 Aluminium Travel Angel Tripod


  • Light Weight only 1.23 Kg
  • Great Stability
  • High-Quality Material

Price: Rs 7095

Buy it on Amazon

2. Backpack

If you have a small camera, this accessory is not essential, but if you have a DSLR with many lenses and filters, a bag or a backpack of good quality and resistant to the elements is practically essential. Backpacks are a great way to carry heavy kits over long distances or rough terrain, but it is a bit more difficult to quickly access the camera. The bags that go to the shoulder provide quick access, but if we are going to carry them for a long time they can be very heavy.

Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 350 AW Camera Bag


  • With AtiveZone Suspension
  • All-Weather Protection
  • Large in Size
  • Many pockets for all size of Lens

Price: Rs 9990

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3. Remote control / Intervalometer

Your camera surely already has a trigger with a delay of 2; 5 or 10 seconds, but I assure you that there is nothing like a remote trigger. This tool allows you to shoot from far, several times, as many times as you want. It is often very useful for various situations, the most common are self-portraits and long-exposure photos.

Essential if you want your photos to be clear when the exposure is very long. We can find wired, wireless and even some that turn your smartphone into a remote control. The wireless controls have the advantage of being able to move further away from the camera to take the picture, but they can be somewhat more expensive.

Quikprof wireless Intervalometer


  • Delay shooting, timer shooting, interval shooting
  • Different Cables for different camera
  • 80 + Distance covered

Price: Rs 3499

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4. Camera holders and straps

The camera brackets and straps serve to work more comfortably and gain greater security. In addition, you can forget about the back and waist pains when you work, since they better distribute the weight of the camera and allow you to move more and better. The harnesses, for example, are the most suitable for those who need to carry two cameras at the same time, objectives, and other work items avoiding overloading the back and shoulders. They allow you a faster work and the comfort needed to take pictures for a long period.

Another alternative within these accessories are the cartridge belts, which function as a kind of belt and distribute the weight in the waist area. In addition, it also has the safety factor, since the well-adjusted camera is kept well fixed and without risks of swinging or bumping.

Both brackets and straps are very easy to use. The best come with shoes that adapt to support any camera and that are manufactured with the best materials. You simply have to hook your camera on the shoe and adjust the stand or strap to your body.

Focus F1 Strap


  • Good Quality Material
  • Budget Friendly

Price: Rs 599

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Basic Tips:

Select the Sensor cleaning option on your DSLR camera (look for instructions on your camera in the manual for more activation details). Remove the front cover/lens from the camera. Clean the sensor according to the instructions of the kit and without exerting too much pressure. Make sure the sensor is clean. When finished cleaning, replace the lid and check that everything is fine.

5. Reflector

Having a reflector kit on hand is always a great help for both indoor and outdoor photography. This reflector is a disc of 80 centimeters in diameter with a translucent white diffusing fabric to which a reversible cover can be incorporated to obtain four different light effects. With the colors gold, black, silver and white you can take photos in different light environments.

Powerpak 5-In-1 Collapsible Photo Light Reflector 42″ (110 Cm)


  • 4 additional reflector
  • Light and Big in size

Price: Rs 845

Buy it on Amazon

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