How Xiaomi Smartphone Exchange Offer Works and What are the Terms and Conditions. 

After the trade-in programme by Xiaomi which was introduced in November 2017, they are back with the Smartphone Exchange programme in which you can exchange your old phones with a new Xiaomi phone.

Mi smartphone exchange program

Xiaomi has partnered with the Cashify for this programme. On Thursday, Xiaomi extended the programme on their own website This programme will provide the consumer best value according to the condition and current price of the device.

Here is how the exchange program works:

First, you need to go to this Exchange program page on
Select your phone or any other phone you would like to exchange the new phone with.
After accepting the terms and conditions you will be credited with the coupon in your Mi Account.
You can use this exchange coupon when you are buying a new smartphone.
You can place an order for a new smartphone and use this coupon while checkout.
Finally, you have to give them your old smartphone at the time of delivery of the phone you ordered.
But there are some terms and conditions too. The phone should be in a working condition and you should disable any screen locks and remove logged in accounts for exchange. Also, the coupon will be valid only for 14 days.

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