New Smartphones Coming Soon 2019

In 2018, we saw some really great smartphones. There was a very tight competition between manufactures all putting in their best which resulted in lots of technological advancements in the previous year. Some of the common technological Smartphone trends of 2018 featured AR, AI, wireless charging, Bezelless display, Sliding phones, Sliding Camera, Triple camera setup, In display fingerprint Scanner But now that 2018 is done what more can you expect from new smartphones coming soon in 2019?

new smartphones coming soon


What to expect from 2019?

This year has a lot to offer in terms of upcoming smartphones as well. The Smartphone manufacturers need to live up to 2018 customers expectations. The year 2019 is expected to see cool launches, innovations, and all new features in the smartphone industry. It will be exciting to see what aces to the likes of Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiomi and others have up their sleeve?  So Without any further ado, here’s our take on What Smartphone Tech to look forward in 2019.

Smartphone Tech to look forward in The New Smartphones Coming Soon.

1. Punch hole Camera Screens


Whether you are a fan of Notches or not. The Notch Phones are still going to be manufactured in 2019 as well although the new entry dominating the smartphone market can be the Punch Hole Screens from now on. Huawei and Samsung the early adopters have already announced their punch hole smartphones. The Huawei with Nova4 and Galaxy A8s of Samsung are dated to released in the first quarter of 2019. The Samsung Galaxy S10 concept model shows 2 punch hole camera. We can expect Xioami and Asus to bring punch hole screens to the Premium budget segment as well in their new smartphones coming soon. Its safe to say Innovation in screens will continue if not so much in terms of quality of the screens but more into filling up the screens in the front side of the phone. Expect thinner bezel, reduced/eliminated notches and punch a hole on screen in new smartphones coming soon

2. Foldable Phones

new smartphones coming soon

Last Year, two foldable phones were showed off. The presentation didn’t catch on much hype and had some criticism to bear. Although this year we could witness a slew of new designs with the foldable form factor. Google has already partnered with Samsung in order to cater android onto these devices as in when the foldable tech becomes a reality. A foldable phone starts to solve the hand and pocket problem by letting a phone be compact when you need it to for single-handed usage, then expand when you want more screen to see or interact with. Obviously at first foldable phones might be big and bulky, much like the first big “phablet” phones. but don’t get discouraged foldable phone technology is an exciting development that has the potential to change what we consider today a “smartphone”.In the new smartphones coming soon

3. More Lenses, Megapixels and 3d Cam

new smartphones coming soon

Dual Camera configuration has become common across all smartphones even in the budget segment these days, don’t be surprised if Triple or Quad Cameras become a new standard very soon. Vivo, Oppo, and Samsung have already launched smartphones with multiple cameras and We can expect more manufacturers to follow this trend as Number of cameras on a phone is a big marketing hook. Nokia, for instance, is rumored to be working on with as many as five lenses on its upcoming Nokia 9 PureView flagship device. In our opinion, It’s equally important to see what utility the extra camera brings in the new smartphones coming soon. We have already seen phone cameras with higher megapixel fail against its competitor in terms of photo quality such as the pixel3 device which only has a 12.2-megapixel camera is still one the best phone camera in the market currently.

3d Camera in new smartphones coming soon

You may also have probably heard a thing or two about 3D cameras in new smartphones. Smartphones with the 3d camera have been created in the past but unfortunately, the technology never caught on to the hype. This year, we might see more smartphones with 3d camera sensors in the rear which will enable 3d scene capturing, depth perception, measure objects in 3d space help create use cases in AR for Shopping, Gaming etc.

4. 5G Enabled Phones

5g enabled phones are coming this year, Many of biggest names have confirmed their 5g-ready handsets Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30, and OnePlus 7. Upon that the Qualcomm’s President has confirmed the fact that every Android vendor is working on 5g right now which makes it clear that we can expect 5g enabled new smartphones coming soon by the end of this year.

5g new smartphones coming soon
But the transition towards 5G will naturally be slow in the new smartphones, as the situation is a bit convoluted and confusing about now. Just as we moved from CDMA and HSPA (3G) to LTE (4G). Thanks to Jio mostly 4g LTE has become backbone or else We’ll still be using 3g for years to come. But still, things would be tough for telecom operators to move towards 5g at reasonable rates. 5G will take several years to deploy fully, we will still rely on LTE for rural network deployments. This and the first 5G phones will probably look like the first LTE phones did back then big, battery-hungry and exclusive to a particular area. But overall we think we’ll get past this, and 5G will be fantastic soon.

5. Premium Budget Smartphones

Budget new smartphones coming soon

Noticeable Growth in mid-end Smartphones at prices range of Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 is expected. As it is the sweet spot for both customers and manufacturers especially India. Phones from Xiaomi, Honor, Oppo may still rule this segment if they keep the perfect balance of innovation and well-priced phones intact.W hile the phones in this bracket are more affordable can’t scrimp on hardware, design, or features. You should look out for premium features from more expensive smartphones, such as an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, waterproofing, or a punch hole camera screen in this segment. India has a highly competitive market we may see the bottom players exiting the market.11

Best New Smartphones Coming Soon

1. Samsung Galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung is aiming the phone be an almost entirely bezel-less phone with the exception of a cut-out in the corner of the display for the front-facing camera. Samsung is daring to be at the forefront of the Punch hole screen design what is likely to become a new trend in 2019 along with that Galaxy S10+ is likely to feature a triple lens camera ‘primary + wide-angle + 2x optical zoom’, the Galaxy S10 will be restricted to two lenses with the phone missing out on the wide-angle. without skipping on the In-display ultrasonic fingerprint reader and Face-Id running on OneUI.Making The Galaxy S10 the most promising phone to look forward in 2019.

2. OnePlus 7

One plus 7

Everyone loves One plus. hoping OnePlus 7 will be no different, One plus is rumored to release a separate 5g phone too this year it will be interesting to see what bells and whistle it packs.

3. Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Mi Mix 4

Mi Mix 3 is known for its unique sliding mechanism to pop out the front-facing camera making the screen almost completely bezel-less. It would be interesting to see what Mi Mix 4 brings to that table this time around Mi Mix 4 is likely to run the next generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and could pack up to 10 GB of RAM


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