Does Overcharging Hurt Your Phone’s Battery?

Batteries are different from other components on our smartphones. They have chemicals in them and these chemicals generate energy. Needless to say, like all good things it will wear off with time and that is the reason batteries need to be taken care of. But many of our local tech experts often give us various tips to maintain a good battery health but it often ends up in damaging our battery. So let’s talk about all such myths one by one about Overcharging your phone.

The Chargers

Firstly let’s have a look at chargers.

We are often told that we should only use the charger that comes in the box with our phone, or buy a new charger from the same brand if the original one ever gets damaged.

But that is just not right. A charger’s job is to supply current, there is nothing special about your charger. And all smartphones have regulators that limit the supply of excessive power to your device so even if you end up using a high output charger, your device will only take in enough power that it needs. So you can clearly use any charger and there is nothing to worry about there.

Discharging your Battery

Some people I know have this habit of completely discharging their batteries to 0% and then charging them up to 100%. They feel that if the battery is not used to its full limit, it may lose its full capacity.

To be honest, this was true back in the days when we were using nickel-cadmium batteries and it was known as the battery memory effect, but now all batteries are of lithium-ion and this thing doesn’t exist anymore.

So it doesn’t matter how you charge your batteries, you could charge them 10 times a day for 10% and it would still be fine.

Overnight Charging

Next is overnight charging, This myth also has its roots in the olden time when devices would heat up or sometimes explode when they were left for charging overnight. But we are living in 2018 and all of our devices are smart enough that they can stop the device from overcharging. So once your battery percentage reaches 100. The charging stops automatically. So don’t worry about overcharging and you can, by all means, leave your phone for a full charge overnight.

Battery Saving Apps

Now we have the battery saving apps, So I have been one of those people that have used a lot of battery saving apps in my younger days. But eventually, I realize that they are all useless. Even the best of battery apps are actually doing nothing. There will be a battery saver profile on your phone by default and it can perform most of the battery conserving tasks.

In fact, I would say that by using a battery saver app we are actually losing battery by allowing one useless application to keep running on our device 24/7.

If you really want to save battery via software you might wanna look into rooting your device and installing some custom kernels and disabling a few CPU cores with their help.

Do not use Phone while Charging

Next is this very common myth that comes from our parents. Your parents must have at least once told you to not use your devices when charging because they heat and might even explode. But as much we should respect our parents this is just a myth. When we are using our phone while charging, we are charging and discharging it at the same time.

Yes some heat will be generated and the charging will be a little slower, but that’s it. It is nothing more than that and your battery won’t have any adverse effects.


So that’s all I had, do not stress yourself about overcharging your phone battery, your smartphone is already taking care of it.

Rishabh Kandari
Rishabh is a Tech-Geek and holds strong grounds with computing and solving problems. He is a Web-Developer by profession and devotes his free time in studying and blogging about modern technologies. Rishabh is currently associated with Mobisium and TheITStuff.

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