10 Blockchain Companies that are Revolutionizing the World

Top 10 Blockchain companies that can change the world!

The internet was taken over by the craze of cryptocurrency and ICO a while ago since then various regulations and order have put a huge question mark on the validity of cryptocurrency and the real-life use of these so-called digital assets. No doubt a lot of Indians and people around the world have had capitalized on this global financial trend which gave rise to a lot of Rags to Riches stories, I still remember the hype around the cryptocurrency and the people who just went on minting money on this global craze. One of my friend Akshata, a marketing graduate in Mumbai was looking to invest her first salary a Whooping 10 thousand rupees in mutual funds, when asked why she answered “I am saving for her retirement”, My God ” What have these Mutual Fund Ads done to the youth our nation” Still a great and safe thing to do with your money , until she heard about investing in cryptocurrency, She invested 10K in RIPPLE XRP and went on gaining a minimum of 3000 rupees a day, converting the 10,000 rupees investment in to a total 1.75 lac at that time, Ripple XRP’s price skyrocketed from 16 Rupees to a 260 rupees per coin. But there is a lot behind the face of cryptocurrency, which will eventually take over the world with its decentralized nature of data storage and distribution i.e. The Mighty World of the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.

You must have definitely heard of companies like Ripple, Stellar, Tron, LaxmiCoin etc, these are the blockchain companies behind the cryptocurrency, XRP, Stellar Lumens and TRX, but in real life, the application of these Blockchain companies are beyond the value of their cryptocurrencies. Globally innovative companies are trying to solve the inefficiencies in the market by leveraging the benefits of the blockchain technology in their problem-solving solutions, currently, IBM and Softbank are exploring and adapting the benefits of blockchain technology for the good.

The reason to bring this article to you is that there are so many amazing Blockchain ventures out there that are worth exploring beyond the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, so let’s take a dive into this new refreshing list of blockchain companies that have taken the world by storm.

Before we begin don’t think of these companies as, how rich are they going to make you, just grab your popcorn and a drink maybe and chill.


Starting with PATRON, If Japan is one of the leading countries in the field of technology, then PATRON is one of Japan’s leading blockchain companies that is what PATRON means to the world, you might need to read that twice. Patron is a decentralized platform for influencer marketing. The founder Atsushi Hisatsumi, an influencer himself, believed that there is a lot of inefficiency in the branded content and how the whole thing works with social media coming into the picture, the solution BAM  ” PATRON “. Funded with a fresh off $40 Million token sales, Patron is currently expanding its operations to the United States of America. Patron has gained tremendous attention globally for the type of strategic partnerships and it’s strong advisory board of blockchain experts and industry leaders that it holds.


An International B2B payment has always been so slow, less trustworthy and requires a lot of intermediaries to process the whole payment. This is what the Founders of TraDove believe can be solved with Blockchain technology, and developed a Superfast and light Blockchain payment network for an international transaction between companies. Since then TraDove has finalized one of the biggest ICO’s in 2018 and launched their own Token names BBC. TraDove is has ventured into the corporate demand for cryptocurrency for sales and marketing with their BBC Token, a $76 Billion market internationally. Founded by the entrepreneurs from Linkedin, Facebook, Alibaba, and MIT, Trudove promises to connect corporate buyers and sellers with better transparency and discovery.

Celsius Network:

What heating? Is it the money lending industry? Yes, it’s truly is with Celsius Network, banking on Blockchain. Their goal is to bring the next 100 Million people on crypto making them the first killer app in the space to ever exist. Aimed to disrupt the traditional banking industry the platform allows users to earn up to 5% interest on their crypto while taking loans at 9% interest, wondering what about the collateral? Well, that will be their own Crypto. Risky for a handful of people this company makes it to the list for the bold vision they embrace and is worth keeping an eye on.

Menlo One:

Matthew Nolan, a successful entrepreneur and a blockchain developer, yes the guy who appeared on TED Talks, Leads the Menlo One blockchain application which is a framework for building a decentralized application which has the speed that of a traditional web app. The ICO for their blockchain startup is a must watch.


Always wanted to sell off those extra guns and point that you collected in your recent game of PUBG? Well no you can, with GameFlip an online marketplace enabling gamers to transact any type of digital goods over its platform. Currently holds more than 3Million members, it’s a bustling community that is just thriving day by day. GameFlip is currently backed by Silicon Valley Venture Capital. Gamers unleash an all-new experience with Gameflip.


No not a dating app, but an app store for the developers made by developers, oh yes, Made With Love. Their vision is to empower the developers with a platform where they can develop off chain apps and services along with world-altering Blockchain technology. Buddy is available on cloud marketplace of Amazon, Google and Github with a bustling list of customers and partners.


Advertisers and marketers around the world will be wiping off the tears of happiness when they get to know that ADBIT the world’s first blockchain powered media planning and buying platform for Print, Tv radio is here to shake your industry up. Traditional media has failed to innovate since the birth of the Internet and ADBIT leverages the blockchain technology to bring the much-needed innovation in this space.


The project leaders hail from prestigious universities like MIT and Harvard aimed at delivering a project that had now become the worlds first content-based blockchain that features the identity and access management at the infra level. DACC early partners include TRON, Consensus Capital, D Fund and many more.


Now you will hold the ownership of your own identity, well it had to be this way, U PORT an open identity system allows users to register their own identity on ethereum not only this but also helps to send a request credentials, and securely manage keys and data.


Want to establish identities with one another in a secure and verified way, Shocard to your rescue. Shocard helps to make individual and corporates to establish & share their personal information, logins etc quick, seamless and securely.

Blockchain Technology is truly a worthy and disruptive technology and has proven its impact on our day to day lives and bestows no doubt that this Blockchain technology is here to stay. With more and more titans and unicorns like IBM, Samsung, Google etc exploring and embracing this technology, the future of BLOCKCHAIN looks positive.

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