How to Start Blogging and Get Paid Online

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the knowledge that we either have devised, skills that we have learned. Or maybe wisdom that we have got from many life experiences. The blogging helps your readers to learn from your experiences. Or you can be a mentor to them for many things. Like you can teach them things that you excel at. But the main thing you should consider before you start your blog is, What is the purpose behind starting this blog? Are there any similar sources or websites providing the same material? How will you make your mark in the Blogging industry and start blogging?


What Should You Know Before Starting a Blog?

The first step would be picking up a niche that you already know better. You need to buy a domain from registrars like, or You will also need to choose a hosting service like Hostgator or Bluehost to host your website files. All of these would be initially very confusing, frustrating and completely unrelated to your interest in blogging, so you need to be a little patient. Now you need to decide which blogging platform you are going to use like WordPress and Blogger and finally setting up the website with a theme and plugins.

There are about 450 million blogging websites according to in 2019. And there are more many free Content Management System out there one of which is WordPress. WordPress powers more than 30% of the total Internet websites. Isn’t it is a good choice to start with a WordPress blog? In some cases Yes, it is. But if you are just starting a blog you might need publish a website first. I agree even setting up websites is also easy these days.

Where I’m getting with this is it’s never easy to just start writing about what you like. Even if you set up a website and start writing you will end maintaining the website for load time, performance, discoverability. Writing an SEO friendly article is another challenge so we at Mobisium have developed a perfect solution to this problem. You don’t have to go through any pain of setting up a website, optimizing for SEO and site speed. We have already done this for you. Read further to know more about writer platform.

Best Blogging Platforms

blogging platforms

There are various platforms available on the web which lets you create your own blog. Where you can start writing on their platform. Examples of such platforms are, Google’s Blogger, Tumblr and many more. WordPress blogs cover 31% of the total internet traffic. Meaning that there are millions of blogs on the web. But don’t worry if your content is really good & your topic is really unique you will automatically get so much response. But for that, you should be a really good author & should hold enough knowledge of the topic you are writing about. Therefore, writing a blog is a vast thinking process. Besides that blogging has some really great benefits.

Benefits of Writing a Blog

One very fantastic reason to write a blog is you can become a really good writer who can express himself/herself at ease. Hence, that will help you as a human being & if you are really fetching many views on your blog then eventually you turned as a celebrity with which Social Responsibilities will re-shape you as a better human being. Another, benefit of writing a blog is that you get easily connected with various types of people with diverse mentality & mindsets. You can also earn money through your blog but that is a later part.

How to Start Writing Online?


There are various ways to start writing online. But I would suggest you start writing for other blogs first. This way you will gain experience as well as create contacts. Creating contacts in Blogging Industry is very much important. The more contacts you will create the more your blog will succeed. To do so, start writing as a guest on other websites. Many will provide you dedicated platform like Mobisium’s Writer Platform is a great example of such. You are allowed to choose any topic of your choice. If you are struggling with topic fixation then choose from already submitted topics. Hence, it is better you research enough for the topic of interest you are writing for. Detailed & quality articles rank highest in Search Engine Result.

What is Mobisium’s Writer Platform?

At Mobisium we understand issues encountered by a new blogger. We have developed a platform to elevate those authors. With Mobisium’s ever-growing audience, the writer can showcase his talent to the vast majority. With multiple feedbacks from the audience, a new author can improvise themselves. This interaction with readers helps new author better their writings. If you are not sure about where to start with, then signup at The Process is very simple, you can choose the topic from the Topic list and start writing your favorite article. One of the best features of this platform is that you can suggest the topics that you want to write and after approval from our editor you can immediately start writing.

How to get Paid by Blogging?

When your article gets published on, you will be paid through wallet apps such as Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe and many others or you will get paid through safe online bank transfer. The Amount you’ll be paid will depend on the quality of the article you write. You will also receive gift cards and other merchandise if you perform really well. We also have a program called ‘Author of the month” who he/she will receive one of the following:

  • Mobisium Goodies worth rupees INR 1,000
  • A chance to get featured on our YouTube channel
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Weekly writers Awards

The authors who will write at least twice a week will get:

  • Money up to INR 500 for each article which is published
  • A chance to spend a day at our Workplace
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Mobisium’s exclusive T-shirt

Start writing your first article today!

We’re excited to see how you would portray the thoughts you have on your mind and transform them into words. It doesn’t matter if you are a college student or a Business professional, the platform is open for everyone to express their views. Sign up now on the writer’s platform if you don’t have an account and start writing immediately.

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